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Aircast AirSport Plus 3-in-1 Sports Ankle Brace

  • Unrivalled support for sporting activity
  • BOA fastening system maximises functionality and reduces on/off time
  • High posterior design helps prevent rolling and medial/lateral instability
  • Compresses and supports to prevent reinjury and flare ups
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Brand:  Aircast

Aircast AirSport Plus 3-in-1 Sports Ankle Brace

Getting back into sport and managing load bearing correctly during the rehabilitation phase of your recovery can be a nightmare. If you're concerned about rollover, twisting and reinjury, the Aircast AirSport Plus 3-in-1 Sports Ankle Brace is the brace for you.

Complete with a whole host of intuitive performance, comfort and functionality-focused design features, the AirSport Sports Brace uses a comprehensive design to encapsulate and support from the base of the heel all the way up the ankle. The tightness of the support can be adjusted at any time using the strap located at the front of the brace, or via the revolutionary "BOA dial" fastening system.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Ankle Brace
  • 1 x Set of Instructions

What's So Special About the AirSport+ Ankle Brace?

If you're excited about getting back on the track, court or pitch following an ankle injury, you'll need to take certain precautions to prevent reinjury and stalling your recovery. The AirSport provides total support to the entire ankle, providing a stable base that prevents rollover and twisting.

The AirSport+ is used by professionals and amateurs alike and is used by athletes around the world in a number of different sports. If your sport of choice involves high-impact lading and the swift transfer of weight, the Aircast AirSport Plus Ankle Brace is a must-have for safely transitioning back into an active lifestyle.

What Does the AirSport+ Three-In-One Brace Do?

The Aircast Airsport Brace works by combining three vital elements to increase performance.

  • Simplicity: Simply slide your foot inside and tighten using the innovative BOA fastening system
  • Stability: The Airsport uses an all encompassing design to ensure the whole ankle and foot are supported
  • Smart Design: A high posterior ankle strap is scientifically proven to enhance support and performance

Sizing Information for the Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace

The Airsport Plus Three-in-One Brace is available in five different sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large. To find out which size you require, please refer to the sizing table below.

Brace Size UK Shoe Size
Extra Small Less than Size 3
Small Sizes 3 - 5
Medium Sizes 6 - 8
Large Size 9 - 11
Extra Large Over Size 11

What Should I Do If I Fall Between Sizes?

If your shoe size puts you between sizes (for example if you wear a UK size 3.5 shoe), our product experts recommend selecting the larger of the two sizes. This enhances comfort and reduces the chance of a tight, restrictive fit.

You can also tighten your brace using the BOA fastening system at any time.

Tips and Tricks for a Comfortable Fit

  • Your brace should feel compressive when correctly applied 
  • Follow our step-by-step guide when putting your brace on
  • Ensure your brace is comfortable before adjusting the BOA fastening
  • If your heel feels unstable, you may need to reposition your brace

Which Sports Are Suitable?

The AirSport+ Brace is designed to allow you to safely reintroduce exercise following an ankle injury. The AirSport+ Ankle Brace is great for:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Jogging
  • Badminton

Stability Enhancing Stirrup Design

Bilateral anatomically-shaped shells help minimise the risk of ankle rollover. This enhances medial and lateral support at the inside and outside of the ankle, helping to make instability and rollover a thing of the past.

Why Is Ankle Stabilisation Important?

Ankle Stabilisation helps prevent rollover, medial/lateral inversion and heel instability, ensuring these potentially dangerous issues don't prevent you from moving with confidence. The AirSport is all about spreading compression and stability in order to protect the entire ankle, not just one area.

How to Correctly Fit Your AirSport Brace

Once you have purchased the correct size AirSport Ankle Brace for you, please follow our step-by-step instructions below to ensure you correctly apply your AirSport:

How to correctly apply your Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace

  1. Unfasten all straps and open the brace fully, sliding your foot into the back of the brace.
  2. Pull the top strap around the back of the calf and fasten down.
  3. Pull the bottom Achilles strap around the back of the ankle and fix that down.
  4. Unlock the BOA fastening system by gently pulling the dial toward you.
  5. In order to tighten the brace, turn the dial clockwise. To loosen, simply turn the dial anticlockwise.
  6. Complete your fit by pulling the front cross-strap tightly through the buckle and fastening it down at the front of the brace.

How Should a Correctly Fitted Aircast AirSport Plus Ankle Brace Feel?

The Aircast AirSport Plus Ankle Brace is designed to feel compressive. When correctly fitted, you should feel both sides of the brace gently pressing against the base of your heel and ankle where the shin begins.

This snug fit stabilises the ankle, preventing your foot from moving around inside the brace to reduce the risk of rolling. If you've correctly fitted your brace, you should start to see a reduction in ankle movement and instability when walking.

See One In Action

Want to find out more about the AirSport Plus Ankle Brace? Look no further.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Features anatomically-shaped, semi-rigid shells
  • Minimises the risk of ankle rollover (i.e. inversion or eversion)
  • Provides optimal medial and lateral support for unstable ankles
  • Uses clinically-proven Aircast air cells to cushion and protect the ankle
  • Ideal for compression and support
  • Features an anterior cross strap to stabilise the joint
  • Uses an innovative ATOP lacing system for uniform compression
  • Ankle strap is higher than usual for additional stability of the upper ankle
  • Breathable material helps you remain cool and comfortable
  • Step-in design and elastic fabric ensures a proper fit

Aircast AirSport Main Features

Indications for the Airsport Plus Ankle Brace

  • Acute injuries
  • Ankle ligament lesions (i.e. distortions or tears)
  • Chronic ankle instabilities
  • Mild to moderate ankle sprains (Grades I and II)
  • Post-operative use
  • Prophylaxis
  • Recurrent injuries
  • Returning to sports activities

Cushions and Protects the Ankle

The Aircast Airsport Plus Brace uses patented and clinically-proven Aircast air cells that cushion and protect the ankle. This is ideal if you've recently suffered from an injury and are nervous about knocking or re-injuring your ankle. The air cells are filled with foam to compress and support the ankle, therefore effectively preventing further damage.

Innovative ATOP Lacing System

The Three-in-One Ankle Brace uses an ATOP lacing system that provides you with customised compression. This allows you to alter the brace according to your needs. This particular system also uses criss-cross laces, which uniformly compress your ankle so as not to create painful pressure points.

Innovative ATOP Lacing System

Which Shoe Styles Can the Aircast Airsport Be Used With?

The Aircast Airsport is a highly supportive brace that is suitable for use with trainers and other loose fitting sports shoes. We do not recommend you use the brace with tight fitting boots or shoes. 

If you require a supportive ankle brace for tight-fitting sports shoes, we recommend the Aircast A60.

Revolutionary BOA Fit System for Customisable Compression

Donjoy are aware that the tightens of a brace effects the entire foot. A BOA fastening system changes the way you think about tightening laces. 

Working in conjunction with the innovative criss-cross lace fastening design, the BOA tightening system works at the turn of a dial. To tighten the brace, simply turn the dial clockwise, and visa versa when a looser fit is required. 

BOA Fastening System

What Are the Advantages of the BOA System?

A BOA system allows the user to tighten a brace across the entire front side. This gives a greater level of customisation when it comes to compression levels and helps to prevent uneven tension points arising.

Posterior High Ankle Strap

The AirSport uses a higher than standard posterior ankle strap to help provide compression at the tibia and fibula. This further enhances stability in the region, creating a more stable platform for pushing off, landing and taking weight.

Are Other Aircast Ankle Braces Available?

Absolutely. If the Aircast AirSport+ Ankle Brace doesn't suit your condition or requirements, take a look at one of the braces below:


  • Height of Brace: 23cm
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