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Actimove Arthritis Care Compression Knee Support

Actimove Arthritis Care Compression Knee Support
Actimove Arthritis Care Compression Knee SupportActimove Arthritis Care Compression Knee SupportActimove Arthritis Care Compression Knee Support
  • Heat-retaining knee support to provide compression and warmth
  • Ideal for relief of pain associated with knee arthritis
  • Unique ceramic fibres retain heat to soothe the knee
  • Light compression reduces swelling while promoting circulation
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Brand:  Actimove

Actimove Arthritis Care Compression Knee Support

Ideal for patients with pain and swelling due to arthritis, the Actimove Arthritis Care Compression Knee Support is designed to retain body heat in the knee and provide light compression. This support features ceramic fibres which warm the area, whilst also improving circulation and mobility.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Knee Support

Please note that this support is ambidextrous, meaning that it can be worn on either the left or right knee.

Who Should Use the Actimove Compression Knee Support?

This knee brace is designed to provide a compressive effect that will relieve pain associated with many common knee conditions and irritations. In particular, this support is suitable for:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Repetitive strain disorders
  • Swelling
  • Use while reintroducing activity after injury
  • Degenerative knee conditions
  • General knee pain

Will This Knee Brace Relieve Pain?

Yes, this knee support is designed to relieve pain in two key ways:

  1. Heat-Retention: Unique ceramic fibres reflect body heat back toward the knee, soothing the area and increasing blood flow
  2. Compression: The brace will provide light compression to the knee, helping to increase circulation, promote healing and manage pain

Which Size Should I Choose?

The Actimove Compression Knee Support is available in five sizes. To determine the correct size for you, measure the circumference of your thigh just above the knee (as illustrated) and refer to the sizing table below. If you fall on a sizing boundary, please choose the larger size of the two.

Actimove Knee Support sizing

Size Lower Thigh Circumference
Small 28 - 33cm (11 - 13")
Medium 33 - 38cm (13 - 15")
Large 38 - 43cm (15 - 17")
Extra Large 43 - 49cm (17 - 19.25")
XX-Large 49 - 56cm (19.25 - 22")

How Comfortable Is the Actimove Compression Support?

As this brace is designed to be worn for long hours of the day, it is made with irritation-free materials and breathable fabric. Completely latex-free, this brace is perforated to make it comfortable whether your patient spends a long time sitting at a computer or takes part in sporting activities.

The Actimove Arthritis Knee Brace is great for everything from general pain reduction to sports

How Do Ceramic Fibres Increase Heat Retention?

Aside from the compression this brace provides, its main benefit comes through the heat-retaining ceramic fibres designed to trap the body's heat. As is shown in the diagram below, ceramic fibres work to target Far Infrared Radiation to the knee, which helps to improve mobility, promote blood flow and relieve pain. This soothing warmth effect allows the brace to provide a greater pain-relieving effect when compared to braces that are made with compressive fibres alone.

Ceramic infrared heat-retention of the Actimove Arthritis Brace

Can My Patient Play Sports with the Actimove Compression Arthritis Brace?

Yes, this brace allows full movement of the knee, making it suitable for use during sports. The materials used are lightweight, breathable and irritation-free, meaning the brace can be worn for hours of activity without chafing.

How Do I Apply the Knee Brace?

This support includes no straps, buckles or adjustments, so it's simple to apply in seconds. Simply slip the brace on so that the lighter motion comfort zone is placed over the patella, and you'll be enjoying pain-relieving compression immediately. The image below shows the proper application procedure.

Actimove Knee Brace application

How Durable is the Actimove Knee Brace?

As this arthritis brace is designed for everyday wear, it has been reinforced to stand up to the rigours of hours of daily use. The edges are reinforced to prevent fraying, and the seamless design helps to ensure the compression of the brace will remain constant for a long period.

Does This Brace Contain Neoprene or Latex?

No, this brace is made from high-performance material that is both flexible and breathable for all-day comfort. This material is both latex- and neoprene-free, which makes it an ideal brace for people with sensitive skin.

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