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SoftPro Functional Resting Hand Splint

SoftPro Functional Resting Hand Splint
  • Orthotic device for the wrist, hand, fingers and thumb
  • Treats joint stiffness, contractures and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Extremely soft, light and comfortable yet durable
  • Antibacterial material prevents odour and infection
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Brand:  Trulife

SoftPro Functional Resting Hand Splint

The Soft Pro Functional Hand Splint is a specially designed orthotic device to treat joint stiffness, contractures or rheumatoid arthritis of the wrist, hand and fingers. It has a bendable frame with an extra long wrist strap to hold it in the correct position and it's also lightweight for enhanced comfort.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Soft Resting Hand Splint

Key Features and Benefits

  • Treats moderate contractures of the wrist, hand and fingers
  • Extra long strap holds wrist in correct position and applies a gentle stretch
  • Easily moulded without tools yet sturdy enough to maintain shape during wear
  • Bendable design corrects alignment and supports joints without using a heat gun
  • Endoskeleton frame is covered by a laminated cloth cover that's washable
  • Protects and supports the wrist, hand and fingers comfortably
  • Antibacterial material helps prevent odour and infection
  • Colour coded straps facilitate brace application
  • Easily adjusted for ulnar and/or radial deviation
  • Extra cover included with every SoftPro orthosis
  • Available in five sizes to suit most children and adults

Which Size Do I Need?

The SoftPro Functional Resting Hand Splint is available in five sizes. Please measure your hand width across the MP joints at the base of the knuckles (see image below) as well as your wrist to finger tip length, then refer to our sizing table below to choose your size.

SoftPro Hand Measurement Guide

Size Width of MP Joints Wrist to Finger Tip Length
Child 4.5 - 5cm  18cm
Youth 5 - 6.5cm  20cm 
Small 6.5 - 7.5cm  23cm 
Medium 7.5 - 9cm  25cm 
Large 9 - 10cm 28cm

Who Can Benefit from Using the SoftPro Hand Splint?

The SoftPro hand splint is effective at treating mild to moderate contracture of the wrist, hand, fingers and abduction of the thumb. It helps to increase the range of hand and finger movements to assist with the activities of daily living.

Which Conditions Is this Support Designed For?

This hand positioning orthotic device can be used for the following conditions:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hypertonic contractures
  • Cerebral vascular accident

How Comfortable Is this Brace?

As the name suggests, the SoftPro Hand Splint is extremely soft, light and comfortable. It's also durable enough to provide significant support and protection to the affected area.

How Easy Is It to Wear the Hand Splint?

The SoftPro orthotic is easily bendable which means you don't need any special tools to accommodate the specific condition of the wrist, hand and fingers. The strapping system allows you to wrap it directly over the affected joint to initiate a progressive stretch of the affected area.

How Long Should I Wear the SoftPro For?

The SoftPro should be fit by a trained professional who will recommend how long you should wear it for according to your condition. Initially, you should check for any skin redness or tightness every half an hour which can gradually change to every two to three hours.

How Do I Wash the SoftPro Hand Splint?

  1. Remove soft cover from frame before washing
  2. Close all hook and loop attachments on soft cover and place in laundry bag
  3. Hand or machine wash on a gently cycle with mild detergent
  4. Do not use commercial washers or hot water
  5. Do not use bleach or fabric softener
  6. Leave to air dry before using again

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