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Seca CT8000P-2 8" LCD ECG Machine

Seca CT8000P-2 8'' LCD ECG Machine
Seca CT8000P-2 8'' LCD ECG MachineSeca CT8000P-2 8'' LCD ECG MachineSeca CT8000P-2 8'' LCD ECG MachineSeca CT8000P-2 8'' LCD ECG Machine
  • Premium precision 12 lead ECG machine with an 8" colour display 
  • EMR integration makes it ideal for professional use
  • Capable of storing up to 350 ECG readings
  • Built in A4 thermal printer for easy display of results


Available, dispatched in 7-10 days  

Available, dispatched in 7-10 days

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Brand:  Seca

Seca CT8000P-2 8" LCD ECG Machine

The Seca CT8000P-2 8" LCD ECG Machine is a lightweight and portable professional grade ECG reader. It is capable of storing up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted 12 lead data, making it ideal for use in professional environments that demand consistent usage. It comes complete with an 8" LCD colour display and a built-in A4 thermal printer for faultless access and quality printing. With paperless functionality, gone are the days of trawling through reams and reams of ECG data on paper. The CT8000P-2 has access to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), meaning it can access, store and add to patient data and records digitally.

How Does the Seca CT8000P-2 Use Digital Technology?

The CT8000P-2 uses fully integrated EMR technology to digitally store patient records, allowing for the seamless transfer of information and data. Readings can also be automatically exported via PDF, allowing patient data to be viewed on external digital devices. The A4 thermal printer also allows for the quick and easy printing of physical copies.

What Is Electronic Medical Record Technology?

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology allows you to access patient data and medical records without the need for paper. Records are stored digitally in an internal ledger system that can be accessed by any healthcare professional. Information, measurements, readings and prescriptions can all be accessed and altered within the system. This also removes the need for printing an ECG reading, as the reading itself can be stored within the EMR.

Properties and Functionality

  • WiFi, Ethernet and LAN functionality
  • Capacity to store up to 350 ECG readings
  • Fully EMR integrated for easier record management
  • Optional treadmill and exercise protocols
  • Digital and/or A4 printable readings
  • Readings available for download in PDF

Specifications and Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 384 x 319 x 90mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 4.5kg (9lbs 14oz)
  • ECG channels: 12
  • Display: 8 inch colour high-resolution screen
  • QTc formulas: Bazett, Fredericia, Fremingham or Hodges

Please note that this product and our entire range of Seca ECG Machines come with a three year manufacturers device warranty.

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