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Seca CT8000i-2 Portable ECG Machine

Seca CT8000i-2 Portable ECG Machine
Seca CT8000i-2 Portable ECG MachineSeca CT8000i-2 Portable ECG MachineSeca CT8000i-2 Portable ECG MachineSeca CT8000i-2 Portable ECG Machine
  • Portable and lightweight ECG reader with 5" HD LCD display
  • Ideal for use in any healthcare environment
  • Inconspicuous design allow for use away from surgery or hospital
  • Electronic Medical Record functionality for paperless patient record access


Available, dispatched in 7-10 days  

Available, dispatched in 7-10 days

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Brand:  Seca

Seca CT8000i-2 Portable ECG Machine

The Seca CT8000i-2 Portable ECG Machine is a portable and lightweight ECG machine. It is portable and quick and easy to use, whilst maintaining all the functionality and operational properties of a much larger ECG reader. Due to its portability, the Seca CT8000i-2 is ideal for use at sporting and other large congregation events. With built in access to patient records via Electronic Medical Records (EMR) access, clunky, paper-only readings are a thing of the past. The CT8000i-2 comes complete with a 5" Colour LCD display and an innovative thermal printer, meaning taking an ECG reading away from a surgery or hospital has never been easier. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Seca CT8000i-2 ECG machine
  • 1 x Mains adaptor

Who Is The Seca CT8000i-2 Designed For?

Due to its lightweight design and retention of all the properties of a far larger, static machine, the CT8000i-2 has wide scope for professional use. Please see below for a few example environments and professions:

  • Nursing Home
  • Care Home
  • Sporting Event Equipment Bag
  • Doctors Surgery
  • Gym
  • Hospital Ward
  • Paramedic Equipment
  • Sports Science Lab
  • Private Health Care Facility

Lightweight and Portable Design

The Seca CT8000i-2 has all the benefits of a much larger machine whilst maintaining a sleek, lightweight design. The CT8000i-2 is battery compatible, allowing it to be used anywhere. Simply enter patient data to allow EMR integration, adjust signal quality, take an ECG reading and print.

What is Electronic Medical Record Technology?

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology allows you to access patient data and medical records without the need for paper. Records are stored digitally in an internal ledger system that can be accessed by any healthcare professional. Information, measurements, readings and prescriptions can all be accessed and altered within the system. This also removes the need for printing an ECG reading, as the reading itself can be stored within the EMR.

Functions and Features

  • Print function via integrated thermal printer
  • EMR compatible
  • 5" colour LCD display
  • 12 ECG channels
  • Sealed keyboard for sanitary control
  • QTC interval
  • Save function
  • On-screen preview option
  • Optimal signal quality
  • Premium reading rating
  • QTc formulas = Bazett, Fredericia, Fremingham or Hodges
  • Mains power and battery compatible


  • Dimensions: 285 x 189 x 61mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 1.9kg (4lbs 3oz)

Please note that this product and our entire range of Seca ECG Machines come with a three year manufacturers device warranty.

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