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Seca 232 Measuring Rod for Seca 336 Baby Scales

Seca 232 Measuring Rod for Seca 336 Baby Scales
  • Aluminium measuring rod for attaching to Seca 336 Baby Scales
  • Designed for easier and more efficient measuring of babies
  • Head and foot positioners for more stable and accurate use
  • Measurements are easy to read with colour markings


Available, dispatched in 7-10 days  

Available, dispatched in 7-10 days

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Brand:  Seca

Seca 232 Measuring Rod for Seca 336 Baby Scales

The Seca 336 Baby Scales are a great choice for obtaining the weight of a baby brought into the clinic, and by adding the Seca 232 Measuring Rod to the unit it can also facilitate measuring the length of the baby. With foot and head positioners, and easy-to-read coloured measurement markings, the baby's height can be read for a more thorough assessment of their development.

Key Features of the Seca 232 Measuring Rod

  • Medical measuring rod designed for use alongside the Seca 336 Baby Scales
  • Attaches to the Seca 336 scales to facilitate measuring of baby's length for a more accurate look at their growth and development
  • Aluminium construction with scratch resistance ensures the rod remains robust even when used on a frequent basis
  • Head and foot positioners allow for more stable measurements when baby wiggles around
  • Coloured markings on the rod make reading measurements much quicker and easier

More Accurate Measurements

The Seca 232 Measuring Rod allows for measurements of the baby to be taken when lying down. The coloured marks on the rod make it easy to read the results, and by using the rod alongside the scales the data can be used to gain a more accurate overview of the baby's growth and developments since its last appointment.

Ease the Process for Baby

In addition to making obtaining measurements easier for the medical professional, the Seca 232 Measuring Rod also helps to ease the process of being measured for the baby. The head and foot positioners help to stabilise the measurement, ensuring results can be as accurate as possible when the baby moves unexpectadly. By allowing measurements to be obtained quickly and easily, the baby's distress can be minimised.

Technical Specifications 

  • Measuring Range: 35cm to 80cm
  • Graduation Measuring Range: 1mm
  • Product Weight: 1.2kg
  • Overall Dimensions (WxHxD): 877 x 92 x 266mm

Please note that this item is the Seca 232 Measuring Rod only. The Seca 336 Baby Scales must be purchased separately.

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