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Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic -70C Waterproof Mid Arm Gloves

Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic -70C Waterproof Mid Arm Gloves
 Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic -70C Waterproof Mid Arm GlovesScilabub Frosters Cryogenic -70C Waterproof Mid Arm Gloves 
  • Pair of cryogenic and liquid nitrogen gloves
  • Suitable for freezers, vaccine handling, dry ice handling and more
  • Designed to handle objects ranging from 0°C to -190°C
  • Mid length for protecting the lower arms
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Brand:  Frosters

Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic -70°C Waterproof Mid Arm Gloves

The Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic -70°C Waterproof Mid Arm Gloves are designed for use handling items that reach temperatures as low as -190°C, making them well suited to cryogenics, vaccine handling, drugs handling, dry ice handling and more. As the gloves are mid length and waterproof, you can use them to submerge your hands.

What are the Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic -70°C Waterproof Mid Arm Gloves For?

The Scilabub Frosters Gloves are certified gloves for handling extremely cold items. This can include handling vaccines, cryogenic work and more and because they are waterproof, it means that you can submerge hands in liquid nitrogen. An extended list of suitable applications can be found below:

  • Vaccine handling
  • Cryogenics
  • Dry ice handling
  • Freezer work
  • Laboratory work
  • Medical work
  • Liquid nitrogen work
  • Drugs storage
  • Scientific work
  • Sub zero work
  • Handling between 0°C to -190°C

Please note that these gloves aren't limited to these tasks. The gloves are recommended for any situation which requires protection against sub-zero temperatures.

What Temperatures Can the Scilabub Cryogenic -70°C Gloves Protect You From?

The Scilabub Cryogenic Gloves are suitable for use in sub-zero temperatures ranging from 0°C through to -190°C. As the gloves are waterproof, we would recommend using the gloves for handling dry or wet items. This also means that the gloves are suitable for use by vaccine handlers.

Why Can I Trust the Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic Gloves?

Working with temperatures this low can cause serious damage to your hands and arms, so you'll want to know that you can trust what these gloves say. In order to do that, these gloves have been tested to EN standards EN 388 and EN 511, measuring their resistance to mechanical threats and the cold. They achieved the following scores:

EN 388

Hazard Level of Resistance
Abrasion Resistance Level 2
Cut Resistance N/A
Tear Resistance Level 2
Puncture Resistance N/A

EN 511

Hazard Level of Resistance
Contact Cold Level 2
Convective Cold Level 2
Water Permeability Level 1

What Does EN 511 Mean?

EN 511 means that the gloves are suitable for use in sub-zero temperatures. Contact cold means that you can use the gloves to handle cold items, while convective cold means that you can use the gloves in cold environments. Additionally, the level 1 in water permeability means that you can submerge the hands in water, no matter how cold.

For more information on the gloves cold resistance, please see the below statement.

Legal Documentation: Conformity Statement
Download the Conformity Statement for the Frosters Gloves

Which Size Should I Choose?

The Frosters Vaccine Gloves are available in four sizes that should be suitable for most users. To find your perfect pair, please measure the circumference and length of your palm and match the results to the table below.

Glove Size Palm Circumference Palm Length
Size 8 (Small) 203mm 182mm
Size 9 (Medium) 229mm 192mm
Size 10 (Large) 254mm 204mm
Size 11 (Extra Large) 279mm 215mm

Key Features

  • Cryogenic gloves for protecting against freezing temperatures
  • Mid length for protecting your lower arms
  • Waterproof for submerging hands in liquid nitrogen
  • Suitable for handling items between 0°C and -190°C
  • Suitable for vaccine handling and vaccine handlers
  • Use a polyolefin microfibre liner for exceptional protection
  • Retain dexterity in the fingers for handling small items
  • Won't become stiff in the coldest of conditions

How Do the Scilabub Frosters Gloves Work?

The Scilabub Gloves feature an outer layer of woven polyamide, which has a special coating that can resist water vapour and water on damp materials. However, the middle layer features a special polyolefin and polyester micro fibre that has twice the efficacy of a normal thermal fibre and a third waterproof lining, for submerging the hands. This then helps to minimise heat transfer without the material being too thick to handle materials.

How Dexterous Are the Scilabub -70°C Cryogenic Gloves?

When handling freezing cold materials you can expect to want to retain dexterity, as this helps to retain grip for yourself while minimising any risk. These gloves are designed to stay flexible even when handling materials that are lower than -100°C, helping to ensure that you can do your job with more productivity and more impact.

Are the Scilabub Gloves Waterproof?

The Scilabub Gloves are waterproof, making them suitable for submerging hands in water. The gloves receive a Water Permeability score under EN 511 of 1, meaning that they are completely waterproof. If you require the gloves in different sizes, please take a look below.

Are the Available as Non-Waterproof Gloves?

The Frosters Gloves are available without the waterproof qualities if you wish. They are available by clicking on the links below:

User Instruction Guide

User Instruction Guide
Download the Conformity Statement for the Frosters Gloves

Delivery Expectations

The Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic -70C Waterproof Mid Arm Gloves are usually delivered by 24 hour courier. For orders that are placed before 2pm Monday to Friday, your order should usually be dispatched the same day for next working day delivery.

If you have any questions about delivery, please contact our customer care team on 020 7501 0593.

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