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DONGBANG Long Single Acupuncture Probe

DONGBANG Long Single Acupuncture Probe
  • Long single probe for acupuncture procedures
  • Suitable for acupuncturists for more accurate acupuncture
  • Designed to increase grip for easy application
  • High quality design can be reused


Currently unavailable. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Brand:  Dong Bang

DONGBANG Long Single Acupuncture Probe

The DONGBANG Long Single Acupuncture Probe is an acupuncture probe that can be used to find acupuncture points preceding acupuncture therapy. With its easy grip surface and chiselled handle, you can easily find points on the body and hands without losing grip.

What Is the DONGBANG Acupuncture Probe For?

The DONGBANG Long Probe is designed to help you find and stimulate different acupuncture points on the body. Suitable for newcomers and experienced hands, this device can be used in clinics and home settings. Once you have located an acupuncture point, you can start your acupuncture therapy.

How Easy Is the DONGBANG Acupuncture Probe to Use?

The DONGBANG Probe is designed to be easy to use, with a long single design that can be traced along the body with the use of only one hand. The probe has been specially fitted with a chiselled, rigged surface that helps to improve grip. As a result, it is a highly accurate and useful acupuncture device.

How Do I Use the DONGBANG Acupuncture Probe?

To use the probe effectively, all you need to do is trace the probe along the body in an attempt to locate the most effective acupuncture point. Once you have done this, you can switch to a DONGBANG Acupuncture Needle, and start the procedure.


  • Product Code: DB501A

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