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Darco HeelWedge Shoe

  • Alleviates pressure on the heel by at least 26%
  • Comfortably padded, customisable insole
  • Ankle strap seats foot firmly in shoe to reduce heel slippage
  • Ideal for diabetic ulcers
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Brand:  Darco

Darco HeelWedge Shoe

After surgery or trauma to the foot, you probably want to heal as quickly as possible so you can get back on your feet again. The Darco HeelWedge Shoe is clinically proven to off-load pressure from the heel by shifting weight to the mid and forefoot. This promotes faster healing after surgery, trauma or when wounds or ulcerations are present on the heel.

Features and Benefits of the Darco HeelWedge Shoe

The Darco HeelWedge has the following features and benefits:

  • Reduces heel pressure by over 26%
  • Square toe design acts as a bumper to protect the toes and provides better universal Left/Right fit
  • Ankle strap seats foot firmly in shoe to reduce heel slippage and eliminate friction
  • Removable forefoot closure provides security while eliminating buckle pressure
  • Zoned outsole has an aggressive tread under the mid-foot where traction is needed most
  • Removable insole features twice the padding of standard insoles
  • Customisable off-loading insole for an even more targeted off-load
  • Breathable, lightweight foam/mesh upper

Darco HeelWedge Indications

The Darco HeelWedge Shoe is suitable for a number of conditions including:

  • Trauma to the rear of the foot
  • Wounds or ulcerations present on the heel area
  • Post Surgical healing for either soft tissue or bony structure of the heel
  • Prolonged pain or bruising to the heel

Alleviates Pressure on the Heel

By encouraging the user to move their weight towards the front and middle of the foot when walking, the Darco HeelWedge Shoe alleviates pressure on the heel of the foot by at least 26%. This promotes faster healing for individuals who have recently undergone foot surgery or experienced some form of foot trauma or ulceration.

Suitable for use on either foot, the HeelWedge is fitted with a secure ankle strap and a removable forefoot section, which both help to prevent slippage and unnecessary friction without the need for buckles. The Darco HeelWedge comes equipped with a comfortably padded, customisable insole as standard.

Peg Assist Compatibility

The Darco All Purpose Boot features a fully removable insole which can be replaced with a Darco Peg Assist Insole if additional pressure off-loading at precise points of the foot is required.


The images below demonstrate the decrease in pressure to the heel area which can be attained by using the Darco HeelWedge.

Size Guide for the Darco HeelWedge

The Darco Orthowedge Shoe is sold as a single item suitable for either foot and is available in five different sizes. Please consult the table below for further information.

Size UK Shoe Size
Extra Small Size 3 - 4.5
Small Size 5 - 6.5
Medium Size 7 - 8
Large Size 8.5 - 10
Extra Large Size 10.5 - 12

Darco HeelWedge Product Video

For a demonstration of proper use of the Darco HeelWedge, please see the video below.

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