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City-Cardiff Visual Acuity Flip Test

City-Cardiff Visual Acuity Flip Test
 City-Cardiff Visual Acuity Flip TestCity-Cardiff Visual Acuity Flip Test 
  • Kit for testing visual acuity in infants
  • Uses a clinically validated technique
  • Flip chart design for easy preparation
  • Display stand for more convenient use


Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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City-Cardiff Visual Acuity Flip Test

The City-Cardiff Visual Acuity Flip Test is a test kit for assessing visual acuity in infants. It was developed by a team of clinical vision scientists at City and Cardiff Universities, and uses the tendency of infants to fixate on patterns, rather than on homogeneous objects, to obtain an estimate of their visual acuity.

Features and Benefits of the City-Cardiff Visual Acuity Flip Test

  • Card set for testing visual acuity in infants
  • Enables visual acuity to be quantified 
  • Flip card design for quick preparation
  • Display stand for greater convenience

More About the City-Cardiff Visual Acuity Test

The City-Cardiff Visual Acuity Test makes use of an established and validated technique that exploits the tendency of infants to fixate on patterns in their environment. It provides an accurate means for testing and quantifying the visual acuity of a baby. 

How the Test Works

The simple-to-use test involves presenting the infant with a series of card-mounted grating patterns differing in spatial frequency (either fineness or coarseness), and observing their looking behaviour. Each circular grating is paired with a grey, “blank” circle of the same size and brightness.

By examining the infant's eye movements when show a specific card, the examiner can determine whether a looking preference exists for a given grating (and therefore whether the infant can see the pattern or not). If the child shows a preference for the pattern they will then be presented with further cards with gratings of increasing spatial frequency until their acuity limit is reached. 

All-New Design

This new flip chart version of the Visual Acuity Test is more compact and weighs less than the older kit, making it easy to carry around. The flip design enables the tester to prepare the cards quickly for the next test without wasting time, while the display stand enables the tester to sit comfortably behind the unit while the child and their parent are seated opposite.

Delivery Expectations

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