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B-Cure Classic Personal Pain Relief Laser Therapy Device

B-Cure Classic Personal Pain Relief Laser Therapy Device
B-Cure Classic Personal Pain Relief Laser Therapy DeviceB-Cure Classic Personal Pain Relief Laser Therapy DeviceB-Cure Classic Personal Pain Relief Laser Therapy Device
  • An effective and completely safe solution to pain relief
  • Uses Low Level Laser Therapy to fight pain and infection
  • Clinically tested with consistently positive findings
  • This classic version is suited to general at-home family use


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Brand:  B-Cure

B-Cure Classic Personal Pain Relief Laser Therapy Device

Looking for fast, effective, non-invasive treatment of chronic pain that you can use at home? The B-Cure Classic Personal Pain Relief Laser Therapy Device is a handheld LLLT (Low-Level Laser Treatment) that promotes biostimulation in the cells to encourage repair and restoration. Backed by medical studies, this technology has helped over 250,000 worldwide fight pain and infection.

What's Included?

  • 1 x B-Cure Laser Classic
  • 1 x Tripod Stand

What Is This B-Cure Classic Pain Relief Laser?

This device is a handheld laser therapy machine that uses a low-level infrared laser, between 1 - 1000mW in strength, to encourage biostimulation of ATP to relieve pain and improve cell repair. Simply apply the device to the affected area twice a day for around six minutes each time and experience an instant reduction in pain and an increase in wellbeing.

The Classic Laser

This version of the B-Cure laser is intended for personal use at home and is excellent for dealing with general pain. The laser has an energy per minute of 3.75 joules per minute with a pulse duration of 17µs. This LLLT works on the skins surface and penetrates deeply through the tissue with no heating effect and causing no skin damage.

 B-Cure Classic Laser in Use

How Does Biostimulation Work?

When the laser light is absorbed by living tissue it triggers a biological reaction within your cells. Endogenous chemical substances such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) are then produced in the cells and carried by blood and your lymphatic system around your body. This means that laser therapy benefits your entire body, not just the injured area being treated.

What Sort of Pain Does the Laser Work Against?

The laser has been tested against many different forms of pain and user testimonials confirm that it is effective in dealing with the following:

  • Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)
  • Neck Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Knee Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Wounds

Proven Through Clinical Trials

A huge amount of clinical trials have found the B-Cure Laser to be effective at pain relief with over 2,000 publications, including more than 100 double-blind studies, confirming its efficacy. Prestigious universities and institutions from around the world have tested the B-Cure and confirmed its ability to reduce pain, these include:

Safe for All Age Groups

There is no need to worry about any damaging effects from the B-Cure Laser as it has no known side effects and the healing laser that it produces is completely non-invasive. The laser is a fantastic solution to pain relief that can be used to treat pain at home by the whole family. It is safe for all age groups and doesn't need goggles or any safety equipment to operate.

B-Cure Classic In Use

User Testimonials

The B-Cure Laser has received a huge amount of endorsements and testimonials from top athletes, medical professionals and everyday users. Testimonials include:

  • Matt Dawson - "After a short while the pain is gone... I have already recommended the B-Cure Laser to my friends"
  • Lucy Shucker - "Ever since I've been using it, I've not missed a training"
  • Phil Tufnell - "I would definitely recommend the B-Cure Laser to anyone"
  • Matt Tebbutt - "The one thing I've noticed is it takes the edge off the pain"
  • Kevin Brown - "It's almost instant relief, which is just amazing"
  • Shereen Cutkelvin - "I actually almost forgot I was getting aches and pain before"
  • John Barnes - "I was very pleasantly surprised and it takes a lot to surprise me"
  • Natalie Green - "This is going to help me going forward"
  • Ray Parlour -"It's very, very simple to use... it's a must for everybody"
  • Hannah Cockroft - "There's no reason for me to be in pain anymore"
  • Andrea McLean -"...Bit by bit. I was getting movement back in my neck. No more pain."

Is the Laser Easy to Use?

The B-Cure Pain Relief Laser is intuitive and straightforward, meaning it is very simple to use. The laser also comes supplied with a tripod that has flexible legs so that you don't even need to hold it and can simply sit, watching TV, reading or talking with your family, while the device performs therapeutic LLLT on the area affected by pain.

Key Features of the B-Cure Classic Personal Pain Relief Laser

  • The device uses low-level laser therapy to significantly reduce pain and fight infection
  • The beam it emits is a 1 - 1000mW coherent monochromatic beam producing 3.75J/min in energy
  • This classic version of the beam is ideal for use at home and effectively relieves general pain 
  • The effects of the beam encourage biostimulation within your cells to increase your general wellbeing
  • Has been clinically tested in universities and medical institutions that have found it effectively reduces pain
  • Huge number of excellent recommendations, testimonials and endorsements from over 250,000 users worldwide

Technical Information

  • Energy per Minute: 3.75J/min
  • Laser Pulse Duration: 17µs
  • Coherent Area of Coverage: 4.5cm^2
  • Laser Strength: 1 - 1000mW
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