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Alerta Washable 90cm Adult Bib with Crumb Tray

Alerta Washable 90cm Adult Bib with Crumb Tray
  • A dignified and easy way to keep mealtimes clean
  • Built in crumb tray for an easier clean-up after eating
  • Fully waterproof design keeps clothes clean and dry
  • Longer coverage measuring 90cm long and 45cm wide


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Brand:  Alerta Medical

Alerta Washable 90cm Adult Bib with Crumb Tray

For a cleaner mealtime without extra clean up afterwards, the Alerta Washable 90cm Adult Bib with Crumb Tray features a crumb tray to catch any stray food that is dropped and is fully waterproof to keep your clothes beneath the bib dry and stain-free. This adult bib is simple to use, machine washable and dryable for your convenience and maximum re-usability.

Who Is the Alerta Washable 90cm Adult Bib with Crumb Tray Designed to Help?

Whether you work in care or a care home and are looking for a convenient and time-saving solution to messy mealtimes or if you're shopping for yourself, this is adult bib that provides excellent coverage for easier, cleaner and more dignified mealtimes. Featuring a crumb tray to prevent any droppage from reaching the floor, this bib further reduces any after meal cleaning.

How Much Coverage Does This Adult Bib Provide?

This bib is the longer version of Alerta's Adult Bib and provides exceptional coverage with a length of 90cm and generous 45cm width. If you or the person who you are caring for needs a larger fit then this bib is the best choice for waterproof coverage and crumb catching. However, if you think a shorter bib would be more appropriate for you then there is a shorter alternative available here.

Catch Any Crumbs

This 90cm Adult Bib has the option to fold the lower lip into a crumb try for that extra bit of assistance in keeping the mealtime area free from any food detritus for an easier post-meal clean-up. This crumb tray means that not only will the waterproof bib keep your clothes clean and stain free but also protect any furniture and the floor space in the dining area.

Simple to Take On and Off

The Alerta Washable 90cm Adult Bib closes round the neck with a simple two stud fastening method for quick and hassle-free wear. By clicking the two studs together the adult bib can be put on and worn securely, then simply removed by pulling the studs apart without a problem so that there is no drawn-out process while food goes cold on the table.

Waterproof and Durable

Designed to be waterproof thanks to an integral barrier that stops any liquids leaking through, this 90cm Adult Bib will protect whatever you're wearing from becoming soiled or stained. This adult bib is not only waterproof but also made from tough materials that are durable and able to handle frequent use without decreasing the quality of protection provided. 

Is the Adult Bib Easy to Maintain?

This bib is machine washable so that it can be cleaned after each use without any strenuous hand cleaning process. Whatever amount of spillage occurs throughout a mealtime the clean-up will be the same, hassle-free each time. The adult bib can also be machine dried once it has been washed as long as it is only dried on a low heat.

Key Benefits of the Alerta Washable Standard Adult Bib

  • Long length of 90cm provides more coverage than the shorter alternative Alerta Bib
  • Made from durable materials that are designed to provide quality coverage even after frequent use 
  • Can be easily converted to feature a crumb tray for extra assistance keeping the eating area mess free
  • Width of 45cm provides generous coverage ensuring that your clothes will stay clean and dry
  • Easily fastens at the neck with a simple two stud fastening method for problem-free wear
  • Fully waterproof build with an integral barrier that stops any liquid leaking through the bib
  • Machine washable for consistently easy maintenance and minimal clean up after the meal
  • Can be machine dried on a low temperature for frequent and easy re-usability

This Item Is Not Returnable On Grounds Of Hygiene

Please note, Medical Supplies is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason this item is non-refundable and non-returnable if unsuitable or unwanted on grounds of hygiene.

If you have any questions regarding this returns policy, please contact our Medical Supplies Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 for further details.

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