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Alerta Soiled Linen Washable Laundry Bag

Alerta Soiled Linen Washable Laundry Bag
  • Hygienic bag for collecting soiled linens
  • Perfect for care home and domestic use
  • Easily washable between 60 - 70°C
  • Colourful bag available in five variants
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Brand:  Alerta Medical

Alerta Soiled Linen Washable Laundry Bag

The Alerta Soiled Linen Washable Laundry Bag is a drawstring bag made from heavy duty polyester designed for easy and hygienic collecting and washing soiled linens. Available in five colour variants for a unique and vibrant addition to your washroom, these laundry bags are a convenient and colourful solution for care homes looking to collect and clean up soiled linens.

What's Included?

  • 1x Polyester Laundry Bag 

Please note: the image containing all five bags is for illustrative purposes only, choose your individual colour choice from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

How Will the Alerta Soiled Linen Washable Laundry Bag Help You?

For an easy and vibrant solution to collecting large amounts of soiled linen from residents, this laundry bag has a tough polyester build with a secure drawstring closure. The bag is made to be used frequently and will quickly become an essential part of any care environment. As the bag is appropriate for professional use it can also withstand domestic use and residential care without problem.

Secure Fastening

Designed with a heavy-duty cord and toggle, the Alerta Laundry Bag fastens securely shut with ease and will remain closed unless deliberately opened. While you collect laundry, the bag is easy to re-open and close, minimising the chance that any items will fall out while you do your rounds. Thanks to its tough construction, the bag will maintain its security with frequent use.

Hygienic Design

The laundry bag is easy to clean so that it not only helps you keep your care environment tidy but is also hygienic itself. The bag can be machine washed between 60 - 70°C and is also machine dryable as long as it is dried on a low heat only. This means the bag can be easily maintained and frequently re-used without stress while staying hygienic.

Key Features of the Alerta Washable Soiled Linen Laundry Bag

  • Made from tough polyester the bag is designed to survive frequent use and the general wear and tear that it will be subjected to
  • Built to be opened and closed often, the heavy duty drawcord with toggle is a simple method for tight and secure bag closure
  • Suitable for machine washing (between 60 and 70°C) and dryable (low heat only) for easy maintenance and hygienic re-usability
  • Available in your choice of five colours (white, blue, yellow, green and red) so that you can personalise and brighten up your care routine
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