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Zeal Single Use Clinical Thermometer (Pack of 100)

Zeal Single Use Clinical Thermometer (Pack of 100)
 Zeal Single Use Clinical Thermometer (Pack of 100)Zeal Single Use Clinical Thermometer (Pack of 100) 
  • Thermometer for oral, axillary or rectal measurement
  • Easy to read and easy to use for clinical applications
  • Completely mercury and latex free
  • Supplied as a pack of 100 disposable thermometers


Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Brand:  Zeal

Zeal Single Use Clinical Thermometer (Pack of 100)

The Zeal Single Use Clinical Thermometer (Pack of 100) is a pack of one hundred disposable single use thermometers. They are fast, easy to read and more hygienic than reusable alternatives.

Where Can These Thermometers Be Used?

These single use thermometers are ideal for a wide selection of uses. They are appropriate for use in hospitals and other healthcare institutions, but also at workplaces, at home or as part of your travel first aid kit.

What Are the Features of Zeal Single Use Clinical Thermometers?

  • Suitable for oral, axillary or rectal measurement
  • Easy to read and easy to use
  • Non-toxic, latex free and mercury free
  • NHS approved
  • Supplied as a pack of 100

How Long Does a Reading Take?

Zeal Single Use Thermometers will show an oral reading in just one minute. The reading appears on an easy-to-read grid.

How Is This Thermometer Read?

The measurement appears on a display grid of green dots, arranged in rows of five with each dot representing 0.1ºC. For instance, in the row marked 36 the first dot represents 36ºC, and in the row marked 36.5 the second dot represents 36.6ºC.

Before you use the thermometer, all the dots on the display grid will be green. Once the reading is taken the dots will turn black up to the measurement. For instance, if the last dot to turn black is the third in the row marked 37, the temperature will be 37.2ºC.

How Easy Are These Thermometers to Use?

These thermometers are exceptionally simple to use. Since they are single use, there is never any need to worry about batteries or cleaning regimes. 

How Is an Oral Reading Carried Out?

First place the green dot tip of the thermometer under the patient's tongue, as you would with any oral thermometer. Have the patient hold their tongue down on the thermometer for 60 seconds or longer. Now remove and take a reading within one minute.

How Is an Axillary Reading Taking?

Place the thermometer high on the patient's arm, facing inwards towards the torso, securing with medical tape if necessary. Place the patient's arm across their stomach and leave for three minutes or longer. After this time has elapsed remove the thermometer and take a reading within one minute.

Are These Thermometers Safe?

These thermometers are non-toxic and latex free, so they can be used safely by the largest number of patients. As disposable thermometers they have a major advantage over digital and tympanic thermometers because there is no risk of contagion. Each patient uses a new individually wrapped thermometer so there is no risk of contamination sneaking through the cracks.

How Many Times Can Each Thermometers Be Used?

These are single use thermometers, which means they can only be used once. This is what makes the Zeal Thermometers so hygienic and easy to use.

What Kind of Measurements Are These Thermometers Appropriate For?

These thermometers are appropriate for several methods of taking temperature measurements. They can be used to take measurements of oral, axillary or rectal temperature.

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