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Tumble Forms 2 Wedge

Tumble Forms 2 Wedge
Tumble Forms 2 WedgeTumble Forms 2 WedgeTumble Forms 2 WedgeTumble Forms 2 Wedge
  • Mobility tool for home, school and therapy environment
  • Improves balance and fine motor skills
  • Suitable to also provide relaxation and support
  • Useful when child has limited upper body control
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Brand:  Tumble Forms 2

Tumble Forms 2 Wedge

The Tumble Forms 2 Wedge is designed to provide physical therapy for children, offering a versatile but safe performance that can help to improve a young child's motor skills, balance, focus and performance. Suitable for use by children with sensory and motor deficits, the physical therapy equipment can prove useful in use by parents, teachers, doctors and physicians, and at home, in the garden, at school, and more.

What Is the Tumble Forms 2 Wedge For?

Each Tumble Forms Wedge is designed to be a versatile and effective therapy tool, suitable for young children below the age of six or seven. Ideal for children who lack head and trunk control, these Tumble Wedges can help to improve motor ability in those who struggle. In those who have sensory and motor deficits, the wedge can eliminate distractions, which in turn can improve focus and performance.

As a result we would recommend the Tumble 2 Wedge for any parent concerned about the mobile development of their child. Some situations where we would recommend the Tumble 2 Wedge include:

  • Children with sensory deficits
  • Children with motor deficits
  • Children who struggle with focus
  • Children who lack balance
  • Children who lack head and trunk control

What Can You Do with the Tumble Form Wedge?

The Tumble Forms 2 Wedge is extremely versatile, proving useful for young children who may want to experiment through play. By allowing proper positioning you can help the child to focus, which can enable the child to have better focus when reading or undertaking fine motor activities.

Alternatively the Tumble Wedge offers physical therapy too. Helping to promote bearing weight on the upper extremities (shoulders, elbows and forearms) can help to improve control and balance, while they can also facilitate head rising, movement, hip and knee extension and rolling skills.

What Age Is the Tumble Wedge Suitable For?

The Tumble Forms Wedge is designed for young children who suffer from a lack of mobility, balance, motor deficits, focus and more. While their is no set age limit, we would recommend the Forms 2 Wedge for any children who are at a walking age and require more help than is usually required.

How Safe Is the Tumble Forms 2 Wedge?

They are designed for young children, and as a result are extremely safe to use. Their foam construction is dense, however this makes them extremely firm and comfortable meaning that the chances of injury during use are reduced. Their surface is soft and forgiving, meaning that sitting and lying down is extremely comfortable.

Where Can the Tumble Wedge be Used?

The Tumble Forms Wedge is suitable for a wide range of environments, particularly where young children will want to play. The physical therapeutic properties of the Tumble Wedges means that they are suitable for helping in the recovery of injuries and health problems that have resulted in the lack of upper body mobility. Due to both of these benefits, the Tumble Wedge is suitable for places that include:

  • The home
  • The garden
  • At nursery
  • At play groups
  • At clubs
  • At School
  • Hospitals
  • Clinical use

How Can the Tumble Forms Wedge Improve Motor Skills?

The Tumble Forms Wedge can allow young children to adjust positioning, which can utilise upper body muscles in the arms, shoulders and back. This over time can help to improve motor skills and fine motor activities, especially when the young child is held in a position over an extended period of time during activities such as reading.

Tumble Forms 2 Wedges
By providing physical therapy, the Tumble Forms 2 Wedges can improve upper body mobility

How Can the Tumble Forms Wedge Improve Balance?

If a child lacks balance or head and trunk control by helping to provide proper positioning, the child can learn how to hold themselves in a more effective way. The Forms Wedges also promote rolling, tumbling and walking on inclines, something that allows the child to improve their balance by holding themselves in more precarious positions.

How Can the Tumble Forms Wedge Improve Focus and Performance?

In providing proper positioning the Tumble Forms 2 Wedge can help to eliminate distraction, which will help to improve focus and performance. This is particularly helpful if your child suffers from sensory deficits, as little distractions can provide a loss in balance. By being able to hold themselves upright in a comfortable position, the child can read or play with toys while being completely in focus.

By Providing Balance, Focus is Increased
By providing balance, focus and performance is enhanced

How Can the Tumble Wedge Offer Motor Therapy?

The Tumble Forms 2 Wedge can be used at home and at school, and also in hospitals and in clinical environments. They are soft, comfortable and safe, making them well suited to young children who are undergoing medical and physiotherapeutic treatment to improve motor skills. Their robust shape allows young children to stretch, roll and hold positions that can work certain muscles, perfect for improving balance, upper body strength and mobility.

How Hygienic Is the Tumble Forms 2 Wedge?

As with all Tumble Forms 2 products, these wedges are covered with a special non-toxic and easy-to-clean material. With no areas for debris to become trapped and build up, the surface is made to be easy-wipe for simple hygiene maintenance. The soft and forgiving surface will make sitting and lying down comfortable, contributing to the child's ability to pay attention without distraction while the latex free design reduces the chances of irritated skin.

What Sizes of Tumble Forms Wedges are Available?

The Tumble Forms Wedge is available in eight different sizes with differing degrees of inclines. This should be altered depending on the age of the child and the degree of their lack of mobility.

What Size of Tumble Forms 2 Should I Choose?

The front edge of the wedge should be the same height as the distance between the child's wrist and their armpit. The height of the front of the wedge should be a bit less than the distance from the child's elbow to the armpit, and the small end of the wedge should be high enough so that the child's feet can hang over the edge in a natural position. The sizes are as follows:

  • 102 x 508 x 559mm (4 x 20 x 22") with 8° incline
  • 152 x 508 x 559mm (6 x 20 x 22") with 12.5° incline
  • 203 x 508 x 559mm (8 x 20 x 22") with 20° incline
  • 152 x 610 x 711mm (6 x 24 x 28") with 8° incline
  • 203 x 610 x 711mm (8 x 24 x 28") with 12.5° incline
  • 254 x 610 x 711mm (10 x 24 x 28") with 20° incline
  • 254 x 508 x 559mm (10 x 20 x 22") with 22.5° incline
  • 305 x 610 x 711mm (12 x 14 x 28") with 22.5° incline
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