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Triangular Bandages

Triangular Bandages
Type: Single UseType: CalicoType: Calico Hemmed
  • A multi-function bandage
  • Ideal for splinting and creating slings
  • Calico versions can be washed and reused
  • Minimum purchase of 10 bandages per order
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Brand:  Reliance Medical

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Number of Packs Price per Pack
1 Pack £0.25 per Pack
10 Packs or More £0.25 per Pack
30 Packs or More £0.24 per Pack
50 Packs or More £0.24 per Pack
100 Packs or More £0.23 per Pack


Triangular Bandages

The Triangular Bandages are multi-functional and are ideal for splinting, creating slings, and general padding and protection for injuries.

Versatile Bandages

Triangular bandages are one of the most versatile bandages, and are essential in any first aid kit. Triangular bandage application includes use in wound care, and providing support and elevation for injured limbs when used to to create a sling.

A Variety of Choice

The non-woven bandages are for single use only,. However, the calico version may be washed and re-used as and when is appropriate for the user. The specially hemmed edge calico is especially practical for use on first aid training courses. All versions bandages are supplied individually wrapped for cleanliness.

All bandages come in the similar sizes, except the calico hemmed bandage which is slightly larger. Please see the sizing chart below for more information.

Type Dimensions (cm)
Calico Hemmed 95 x 135cm
All Other Bandages 90 x 127cm

Delivery Information

The Triangular Bandages are usually dispatched via First Class Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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