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Thermoskin Knee Wrap Support Stabiliser with Open Patella

Thermoskin Knee Wrap Support Stabiliser with Open Patella
 Thermoskin Knee Wrap Support Stabiliser with Open PatellaThermoskin Knee Wrap Support Stabiliser with Open Patella 
  • Provides compression and support for knee injury 
  • Ideal for relieving knee injury-related pain and swelling
  • Patella opening for increased comfort 
  • Available in eight sizes 
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Brand:  Thermoskin

Thermoskin Knee Wrap Support Stabiliser with Open Patella

Featuring a unique three-layer design, the Thermoskin Thermal Open Knee Wrap Stabiliser provides warming compression to counteract pain and swelling associated with many common knee conditions. The wraparound design allows customised fitting to meet your treatment needs, and the kneecap stays open to prevent unnecessary compression on the patella.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Open Knee Stabiliser

Please note that this knee support can be worn on either the left or right kneecap.

What Size Should I Choose?

Designed to aid in the recovery of knee injury, this support is available in eight sizes that should fit most adults. To find out which size best suits you, bend your knee slightly and take two measurements, one around the top of the calf (below the knee cap) and the other around the lower thigh, (above the knee cap) before referring to the table below.

how to measure your kneecap
Above Kneecap: Measure around the lower thigh

measure your kneecap

Below Kneecap: Measure around the top of the calf

Size Circumference Above Knee Circumference Below Knee
Small 42 - 46cm 32 - 36cm
Medium 44 - 48cm 34 - 38cm
Large 46 - 50cm 36 - 40cm
Extra Large 48 - 52cm 38 - 42cm
XX-Large 50 - 54cm 40 - 44cm
3X-Large 52 - 56cm 42 - 46cm
4X-Large 54 - 58cm 44 - 48cm
5X-Large 58 - 64cm 48 - 54cm

Our Sizing Tips

  • This brace is designed to give a tight, compressive fit; if you would prefer less tightness, please choose a larger size
  • If you do not own a flexible tape measure, use a piece of string to take your measurement, then measure the string with a ruler
  • Please take into account any joint swelling before buying, as this could mean you need a larger brace

Which Conditions Can This Support Help With?

Designed to provide immediate relief from knee injury and arthritis-related symptoms like pain and swelling, the Thermoskin Knee Wrap is suitable for a number of conditions. These conditions include:

  • Arthritis pain management
  • Degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis)
  • Knee swelling and pain
  • Joint weakness and instability
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Visible deformities

Who Can Use This Support?

Designed to aid in the recovery of knee injury, this knee wrap stabiliser from Thermoskin can be used by anyone wanting relief from knee injury pain and swelling. This knee support uses mild compression to support your injury and has an open patella which has a full-length, anterior opening for comfort and unrestricted knee flexion.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides compression and support for knee injury
  • Ideal for relieving knee injury-related pain and swelling
  • Open wrap design with Velcro closure for easy application
  • Made using Trioxon material for improved treatment 
  • Provides greater patient comfort as the knee cap is free from compression
  • Helps to speed up recovery times 
  • Available in eight sizes

What Conditions Will This Support Help With?

This Thermoskin Open Knee Wrap Stabiliser can be used to treat the following con

  • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injuries
  • Knee strain 
  • Pain or swelling in the knee 

Trioxon Advantage 

This Thermoskin Support for knee injury is manufactured using a material called Trioxon that is proven to increase skin temperature by up to two degrees Celsius. This assists in the retention of the body's natural heat, while providing ventilation and perspiration control, so you can use the support to treat your injury comfortably and for long periods of use.

Three-Dimensional Lining 

With innovative three-layer lining, this support provides a mixture of compression, support and warmth to ease tissue swelling and pain by warming the injured muscle and joints. This helps to improve blood circulation and increases your rate of recovery. The fabric's moisture-wicking design also helps to keep the skin oxygenated and comfortable, so you can wear the brace for long periods without an issue.

Three Dimensional Insulation
The three-dimensional lining provides insulation, breathability and moisture absorption

Improves Proprioception and Muscle Performance

The unique Trioxon lining has even more great benefits in store. The warm compression increases the elasticity and reactivity of the muscles, which in turn boost their strength, tenacity and power. Additionally, compression helps to enhance proprioception, which heightens your awareness of movement to prevent further damage.

Open Patella for Added Comfort

Made with comfort in mind, the Thermoskin Open Knee Wrap Stabiliser has an open wrap design with Velcro closure that provides greater wearer comfort. With an open patella, this wrap does not aggravate tenderness or bruising that may be present because the kneecap is free from compression. This knee stabiliser also includes side spirals for additional support.

How Do I Use the Support?

To use the support, follow these three simple steps below: 

  1. Apply the support so that the opening of the support is sitting comfortably over the knee-cap
  2. Position the wraps located at the top and bottom of the support 
  3. Ensure that the stabilisers are positioned adjacent to the knee on either side

Directions for Use

Apply the open knee stabiliser directly onto the skin. Do not use oils or ointments under the support. Remove the support when showering or bathing. 

Can I Clean the Support?

To clean the support after use, machine or handwash the Thermoskin using warm water and a mild soap before leaving to air dry. Avoid using detergents or solvents. 

What Material Is This Support Made Of?

This Thermoskin Open Knee Wrap Stabiliser is comprised of the following materials: 

  • Neoprene (57%) 
  • Polyester (34%) 
  • Nylon (9%) 

Please note that this product is not intended for use within the first 72 hours following an acute injury. This product also contains a synthetic fibre which may cause allergic reaction. 

Delivery Information

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Delivery is free for orders over £65 (ex VAT) to UK mainland addresses. For all other UK orders, delivery is only £4.95 (ex VAT).

Delivery Charges

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