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The Original Pillow with a Hole

The Original Pillow with a Hole
The Original Pillow with a HoleThe Original Pillow with a HoleThe Original Pillow with a Hole
The Original Pillow with a HoleThe Original Pillow with a Hole
  • Pillow with a hole in its centre to relieve pressure on ear
  • Ideal for those who suffer from ear pain or chondrodermatitis
  • Zipper makes removing stuffing and adjusting firmness easy 
  • Hypoallergenic pillow to reduce allergies


Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon

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Brand:  The Original Pillow with a Hole

The Original Pillow with a Hole

The Original Pillow with a Hole relieves pressure on your ear when you are sleeping. Ideal for those suffering from chondrodermatitis or ear pain, the pillow supports your head while shaping around your ear so you can lie on your side without any irritation.

Designed for comfort, it is softer than foam and comes with a zipper that allows you to adjust its firmness to suit your preferences. For the best results, try layering it with an extra pillow. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pillow
  • 1 x Pillowcase

With your purchase, you'll receive one Pillow with a Hole as well as a pillowcase for added cleanliness and protection. The pillow itself contains 'Ball-Fibre', a material consisting of many small coils for a plumper feel, added support and extra comfort. To achieve varying levels of firmness, the pillow has a zipper on its side so stuffing can be added or removed. 

Pillow with a Hole Zip

Will the Pillow with a Hole Work for Me?

If you find sleeping on your side causes you ear pain or worsens an existing condition, the Pillow with a Hole can greatly improve your quality of sleep. Even if you don't suffer from ear problems, you may spend most nights struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position. The Pillow with a Hole can address numerous sleeping complaints, including if you: 

  • Suffer from ear pain
  • Are recovering from ear surgery
  • Sleep with ear piercings
  • Regularly sleep on your side
  • Want better head support

Why Is It so Good at Treating Chondrodermatitis?

Chondrodermatitis (CNH) is a pressure sore the develops on the ear. You're more likely to be affected by the condition if you are over 55 and are a side sleeper, as you are more prone to pressure sores caused by friction as you age. If you regularly sleep on your side, you may expose your skin to excessive irritation, leading to pressure sores. 

While creams and surgery are typically prescribed for the condition, they don't treat the root cause, and CNH often reoccurs as a result. This is what makes the Pillow with a Hole such an effective treatment, as rather than helping you to manage symptoms the pillow addresses the problem at its source. This form of treatment is even recommended by the British Association of Dermatologists.

How Big is the Pillow with a Hole?

The pillow is medium sized with a rectangular shape, its dimensions being 50 x 35 x 8cm  (20 x 14 x 2 inches). The ear hole is positioned 12cm (5 inches) from the pillow's edge and is 8 x 9cm (3 x 4 inches). Its shape and size offer an effective amount of protection for your ear without compromising on head support. 

Can I Use the Pillow with a Hole if I Have Allergies?

If you suffer from allergies, you can sleep peacefully knowing the Pillow with a Hole won't cause you any trouble. It's stuffed with a hypoallergenic hollow-fibre, which can safely be used by allergy sufferers. As an added bonus, the texture of this stuffing gives the pillow a light, springy feel. 

Washing Instructions

The Pillow with a Hole is low maintenance and doesn't require much special treatment to keep it in good condition. It can safely be machine washed and dried, preferably at 30°C (86°F). To help prevent the stuffing from forming clumps during a tumble dry, simply place a tennis ball into the barrel along with the pillow to ensure it will maintain a good level of plumpness. 

Who Created the Pillow with a Hole?

The Original Pillow with a Hole is a company that values history just as much as quality. They believe the North of England has a strong connection to the textile industry, so they source all of their materials from Lancashire Mills. Made of 100% cotton, each pillow is entirely produced in England using some of the highest-quality product available, and each pillow is stuffed by hand.

Pillow with a Hole Label

This Item Is Not Returnable On Grounds Of Hygiene

Please note, Medical Supplies is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason this item is non-refundable and non-returnable if unsuitable or unwanted on grounds of hygiene.

If you have any questions regarding this returns policy, please contact our Medical Supplies Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 for further details.

Delivery Information

The The Original Pillow with a Hole is usually dispatched via First Class Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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