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Talking Button Alarm Clock (Pack of 5)

Talking Button Alarm Clock (Pack of 5)
 Talking Button Alarm Clock (Pack of 5)Talking Button Alarm Clock (Pack of 5) 
  • Pack of 5 large talking buttons for receiving the time and day
  • Ideal for people with blindness, low vision or dementia
  • A clear male voice announces the time, date and day
  • Designed to prevent it from being easily knocked over


Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Talking Button Alarm Clock (Pack of 5)

As many residents of care homes and medical environments may suffer from reduced vision or memory loss, the Talking Button Alarm Clock (Pack of 5) is an essential device designed to provide the date, day, and time at the touch of a button. It can help to reduce patient and resident anxiety associated with memory issues, and is easy to operate for added convenience.

Money-Saving Bundle

When running a care home or caring for multiple residents or patients, providing care accessories and equipment can become pretty expensive quite quickly. That's why we've combined five of the Talking Button Alarm Clock in one money-saving pack to help you provide the best possible care with some savings along the way. The following is provided with this bundle:

Features and Benefits of the Talking Alarm Clock

  • Talking button announces the time, day, and date
  • Ideal for care homes and private medical rooms
  • Designed for individuals with blindness, low vision, memory issues, or dementia
  • A clear male English voice announces the time, date and day at the touch of a button
  • Includes an alarm with announced setting
  • Compact design sits flat and secure on any surface, making it difficult to knock over
  • Easy setting process, guided by a loud voice
  • Requires two x AAA batteries (not included)

Great for Care Home Residents

As residents of care homes may have varying requirements and limitations, finding a way of providing them with a practical way of receiving the time may at first seem tricky. With the Talking Button Alarm Clock, the day, date, and time cancan be received at the touch of a button through a loud and clear male voice, making it ideal for users with visual impairments.

Ideal for Dementia Patients

When a patient suffers from dementia or other memory loss conditions, they may be unable to remember the day or date, and this in turn can cause stress, worry, and anxiety. With the Talking Button Alarm Clock, they can retrieve this information at the touch of a button, reducing associated stress and putting them back in control of the situation.

Encourages Independence

Some residents may feel that moving into a care home or similar environment will hinder their independence, but with the Talking Button Alarm Clock this doesn't need to be the case. The button can be quickly and easily placed in their bedroom or in a public space where they can access the time on their own with ease, restoring some of their own sense of independence.

Easy to Operate

The Talking Button features a loud and clear English male voice that tells the time and date at the press of the button. Watch the video below to see the Talking Button in action.

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