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SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles For Children 0.20mm x 0.90mm (Pack Of 100)

SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles For Children 0.20mm x 0.90mm (Pack Of 100)
SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles For Children 0.20mm x 0.90mm (Pack Of 100)SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles For Children 0.20mm x 0.90mm (Pack Of 100)SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles For Children 0.20mm x 0.90mm (Pack Of 100)SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles For Children 0.20mm x 0.90mm (Pack Of 100)
  • Press tack acupuncture needles suitable for use with children
  • Tiny 0.90mm length reduces needle anxiety
  • Pain free incision is easy to use
  • Involves patients in their own therapy


Currently unavailable. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles for Children 0.20 x 0.90mm (Pack of 100)

The SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles for Children 0.20 x 0.90mm (Pack of 100) offer simple and effective acupuncture, ideal for use on those with needle anxiety, on children, or for use at your own home. Their simple design does not require a professional acupuncturist present, while the super thin tips of the needles mean that the amount of pain is reduced, proving ideal in people who may have a lower pain threshold.

What's in the Box?

With your purchase you will receive:

  • 100 x SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles (0.20 x 0.9mm)

What Are the SEIRIN New PYONEX Needles For?

The SEIRIN New PYONEX Needles are suitable for normal acupuncture procedures and are particularly well suited to precision acupuncture. However, because they are so small, they are well suited to people who suffer from a needle phobia or needle anxiety.

This can include children, who may want to experience acupuncture for a variety of different conditions, however feel uneasy about using a larger needle. The acupuncture needles are well suited to use in the home, providing an easier option for self-treatment of acupuncture.

Who Can I Treat PYONEX Needles With?

PYONEX Acupuncture needles are recommended for use in precision acupuncture on the face, ears, and other highly sensitive areas of the body. However, their uses don't stop there, and they can prove useful with children and those suffering from needle anxiety. As a wide number of people suffer from needle anxiety, it's a sensible decision to stock needles that can target this group specifically.

How Do I Use the SEIRIN PYONEX Needles?

SEIRIN PYONEX Needles aren't designed like ordinary needles, coming at a length of no more than 0.9mm. This incredibly small length ensures a high level of versatility, while also proving suitable for use with children, and people who are worried about needles. For full instructions on how to use the PYONEX Needles, please see the instructional video below.

Why Do the PYONEX Acupuncture Needles Eradicate Needle Anxiety?

Needle phobia or needle anxiety is thought to impact up to 10% of the UK population. It's a very specific phobia, is extremely common, and isn't well recognised among doctors, practitioners and other medical professionals. PYONEX is designed to eradicate this problem, with their tiny 0.9mm long needles obscured by a small sticky patch.

Peel Back the Sticker to Reveal a Minuscule Needle
Peel back the sticker to reveal the minuscule needle

This small sticky patch simply sticks to the skin and is pressed down, which when pressed offers little to no pain for the client. This easy, fast and effective acupuncture method means that the client doesn't need to see the needle through the entire process. This method is proven to make incision a far easier experience, helping to make you more effective at your job and your client's therapy more worthwhile.

Are the PYONEX Acupuncture Needles Pain Free?

All of our PYONEX range offer needles that are far thinner than normal acupuncture needles. As a result, they are almost pain free, with the client hardly aware that a needle has even entered their skin. Furthermore, the fact that the client cannot actually see the needle means that they don't have to face a psychological barrier either. 

How Do the PYONEX Needles Increase Patient Involvement?

The PYONEX Needles mean that the actual practise of acupuncture has changed. The client doesn't need to lie down anymore as is usually imagined with acupuncture, and if they wish they can stick the needles on to themselves. However, we would always recommend that there is someone else present during the acupuncture procedure.

Can I Buy the SEIRIN New PYONEX Needles If I Am Not a Professional?

You don't have to buy SEIRIN PYONEX if you are a professional, which can increase the therapeutic value of the acupuncture if you apply it yourself at home. The strong thing about New PYONEX is that they are extremely easy to use which means that although you should seek professional advice first, you don't need a professional to assist you during the exercise.

Can I Use PYONEX at Home on My Children?

It's becoming more and more popular for parents to use New PYONEX Needles on their children, as acupuncture can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions such as stomach aches, headaches, chronic pain and more. The PYONEX Needles can be used by parents on their children at home, as their tiny length and width is pain-free and doesn't require a professional during application. However, we absolutely recommend that you take your children to the acupuncture clinic first, as they will make sure that they are healthy enough for acupuncture to take place.

What Materials Are in the SEIRIN New PYONEX for Kids?

SEIRIN New PYONEX Needles are designed to be skin-friendly, ensuring that the user doesn't suffer any form of adverse reaction to the acupuncture. Their composition includes:

  • A Micropore TM plaster
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Latex free

What Other Versions Are Available?

Here at we sell a wide range of Acupuncture Needles for Children. Products available include:

What Else Do I Need to Know Before Purchase?

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Please note, Medical Supplies is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason this item is non-refundable and non-returnable if unsuitable or unwanted on grounds of hygiene.

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Delivery Information

The SEIRIN New PYONEX Acupuncture Needles For Children 0.20mm x 0.90mm (Pack Of 100) are usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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