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Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator in Star Silver

Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator in Star Silver
Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator in Star SilverSaljol Carbon Fibre Rollator in Star SilverSaljol Carbon Fibre Rollator in Star SilverSaljol Carbon Fibre Rollator in Star Silver
  • Carbon fibre design for an equally light and sturdy rollator
  • Can be used as an indoor or outdoor mobility support
  • Integrated gear shift for safe downhill use
  • Comfortable, soft tyres suitable for rough terrain
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Brand:  Saljol

Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator in Star Silver

A reliable rollator helps patients with poor mobility support themselves throughout the day and can be used for rehabilitation. With a carbon fibre frame, the Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator in Star Silver is both strong for stability and light for comfortable use. The soft rubber tyres and integrated gears make this stylish rollator suitable for use in rough outdoor terrain as well as indoors.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Carbon Fibre Rollator
  • 1 x Removeable Shopping Bag

Key Features and Benefits

  • Carbon fibre frame: Provides a strong structure that keeps the patient steady while also making the rollator light and easy to push.
  • Soft rubber tyres: The soft yet firm rubber tyres provide great traction to support the rollator on all kinds of terrain. The chunky tyres are designed to optimise stability and comfort.
  • Integrated gears for greater safety: Located on both rear wheels, these gears slow the rollator down when descending hills and slopes. They also prevent the rollator from rolling backwards when climbing uphill.
  • Removable shopping bag: Supplied with the rollator is a practical shopping bag that is easily removed thanks to its clip on design.

Who Can Use the Saljol Carbon Rollator?

Thanks to the strong carbon frame, the Saljol Carbon Rollator is perfect for patients who struggle with their mobility. This innovative rollator is hugely beneficial for elderly people or people with mobility impacting conditions such as cerebral palsy. Stable and easy to push, the Saljol Carbon is ideal for those suffering from the following conditions:

  • Parkinson's disease
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Painful joints
  • Recovering stroke victims

Where Can the Saljol Carbon be Used?

As one of the most versatile rollators you can find, the Carbon Rollator functions both inside and outside the house. With large, soft rubber tyres, the rollator can accompany the patient on all kinds of terrain. Two layers of rubber coating will absorb shock caused by rough or uneven surfaces, resulting in a smooth and pleasant ride.

Thanks to its lightness and small turning circle, this rollator is also well suited to the indoors. However, if you are looking for a rollator specifically designed for the home, we highly recommend the Saljol Page Indoor Rollator.

Made with Ultra-Light Carbon

Weighing only 5.8kg, the Saljol Carbon is lighter and easier to push than the average rollator. This doesn't mean the rollator compromises on stability. In fact, the carbon fibre material ensures the rollator is strong and steady so that the patient is always supported.

No More Downhill Trouble

Equipped with two gear shifts on both rear wheels, the Saljol Carbon Rollator offers optimal safety when it comes to steep descents. Designed to control speed, the gears work the same as they would in a car. The patient or attendant can shift the gears with their feet, which causes the rollator to slow automatically as it rolls down a slope. Not only is this safer, it also reduces wear on the hand brakes, ensuring they'll last longer and won't need replacing.

saljol carbon gears

Is the Saljol Carbon Rollator Useful for Shopping?

The Saljol Carbon Rollator is the ideal shopping companion. Not only does it look good, it also comes with a practical shopping bag for added convenience when passing through the aisles at the supermarket. The water-resistant bag can carry up to 5kg of goods and is easily removeable thanks to its simple clip-on design.

Adjustable Handles for an Ergonomic Fit

The handle height of the Saljol Carbon rollator can be adjusted to fit the patient ergonomically. Make sure they are not having to bend over to reach the handles or tuck in their elbows for maximum comfort while using the rollator. 

A Comfy Mobile Seat

With an integrated seat across the middle of the frame, the Carbon Rollator acts as your own personal bench for when the patient gets tired and needs a quick break. It's important to ensure that the brakes are locked when the patient is seated to prevent the rollator from rolling out from under them.

Sweat-Resistant Hand Grips

The unique handles of the Carbon Rollator are wrapped in a cork covering that provide sweat-resistance for improved grip. They are also very comfy, and match the unique design of this fashionable rollator.

Saljol Carbon cork handgrips

Holds More Weight

Able to hold up to 150kg, the Saljol Carbon Rollator has a higher weight capacity than most standard rollators. Not only is this good for heavier patients, it also means they can use the rollator to carry around extra baggage.

Loop-Style Drag Brakes

Featuring two looped handles, the Carbon Rollator's drag brakes are easy to use and provide excellent drag resistance. This gives the patient complete control of the rollator's speed so that they can remain safe at all times.

Tackle Curbs and Thresholds

Next to the Carbon Rollators rear wheels are two integrated curb climbers. This useful addition makes it easier to mount curbs and hop thresholds, which are often a hassle when navigating through towns and cities. 

Inspired Design

Flaunting a unique, curved design, the Carbon Rollator captures the aesthetic of the 1950s. This exact product sports an old-school coating in an smooth Star Silver. The Carbon Rollator is also available in British Racing Green or Midnight Blue.

Reflective Paint Strips

Woven into the design of the Carbon Rollator are strips of reflective paint to help you stand out in darkness. Unlike reflective stickers, that often ruin the look of a rollator, the reflective paint complements the rollator's stylish design. 

saljol carbon reflective strips

Compact and Foldable

The Carbon Rollator can be easily folded by lifting up the inner seat, which pulls the two sides of the frame together. Folded in half, the rollator is much easier to carry around, and is more compact to fit in cars or pack away when not in use.

What Sizes Are Available?

The Saljol Carbon Rollator is available in two sizes: small and medium. It's important to ensure the rollator is the right size for the patient to ensure maximum support and comfort. Below are the handle height ranges of each size to help you decide which size is best.

  • Small: 76 - 88cm (2'5" - 2'9")
  • Medium: 81 - 103cm (2'7" - 3'4")

Available with Accessories

Available with many versatile accessories, the Carbon rollator can be upgraded to best suit the needs of the individual. These accessories include:

Technical Specifications

  • Rollator Weight: 5.8kg
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 150kg (approx. 23st or 322lbs)
  • Maximum Bag Load: 5kg
  • Seat Height: 54cm (small), 62cm (medium)
  • Handle Height Range: 76 - 88cm (small), 81 - 103cm (medium)
  • Seat Width: 45cm (small), 46cm (medium)
  • Overall Width: 62cm
  • Width Folded: 22cm


  • Frame: Carbon fibre
  • Folding Mechanism: Powder coated aluminium
  • Handgrip: TPE with 20-30% cork
  • Seating Net: 100% Polyester
  • Wheel Tyre: Polyurethane 
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