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Rotunda Height Adjustable Transfer Platform

Rotunda Height Adjustable Transfer Platform
  • Transfer aid enables safe and easy patient transfers
  • Ideal for use by taller patients
  • Foot and hand placements for consistent safe use
  • Large, nylon wheels suitable for many floor surfaces




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Brand:  Rotunda

Rotunda Height Adjustable Transfer Platform

Lifting immobile patients from bed to wheelchair on a regular basis causes undue physical strain on carers. To circumvent this problem, the Rotunda Height Adjustable Transfer Platform rotates on the spot. This eliminates the need for carers to lift their patients themselves, which significantly reduces the risk of injury for all involved. This product features height adjustable handles to provide optimal safety and comfort for taller patients, and gives them a more dignified means of transportation.

Included with this Purchase

  • 1 x Rotating Transfer Platform

Key Features and Benefits

  • Premium steel frame keeps patient supported and alleviates pressure on carer
  • Rotates 180° to help transfer immobile patients from bed, seat or commode
  • Swivels without any tilt to prevent the patient from losing their balance
  • Five locking stations for a slow and controlled pivot to ensure safety
  • Comfy handles for both carer and patient with finger indentations for a firmer grip
  • Two rear wheels for easy transportation of the platform when not in use
  • Adjustable in height to help accommodate taller patients

Who Can Use the Rotunda Transfer Platform?

This transfer platform is suitable for people with impaired mobility caused by illness, injury or old age. The sturdy frame allows patients to safely lift themselves up from a seated position using the handles. If necessary, the carer can help a struggling patient to their feet without overexerting themselves. The handles are adjustable in height from 720 - 950mm to better fit taller patients in need of mobility support.

How Does the Rotunda Platform Work?

Unlike most patient transfer aids, the Rotunda Transfer Platform completely eliminates the need for carers to lift their patient. The patient can use the integral handles to lift to their feet, at which point the carer turns the patient to a desired position. After this, the patient simply sits on their chair, wheelchair, commode or bed, and the transfer is complete.

How is the Rotunda Platform Safer for Patients?

With the Rotunda Transfer Platform, patients no longer have to rely on the strength of their carer. Instead, they can put complete trust in the strong steel frame that provides guaranteed support. Featuring five lockable positions, the platforms rotation is slow and controlled to maximise safety.

How is the Rotunda Platform Safer for Carers?

Back pain is a constant worry for carers who have to frequently lift and manoeuvre their patients multiple times a day. By providing an alternative method in which to perform a patient transfer, the Rotunda takes on the strain rather than the carer, which significantly reduces the risk of injury. Lower rates of injury in the healthcare sector means lower rates of early retirement in an industry that is always under intense pressure.

Does the Rotunda Improve Patient Independence?

Those with limited mobility will want to maintain as much independence as possible, and the Rotunda will help them do this.  As the carer is only present in a supervisory role, the patient will gain a greater sense of independence as they are actively involved in the transfer. This helps to make the transfer process a more dignified experience for both carer and patient.

Which Environments Are Suitable for the Rotunda Platform?

The Rotunda Transfer Platform is an excellent aid in any situation where frequent patient transfers will take place throughout the day. It's especially suited to care homes, hospices, home care environments and hospitals.

How Stable is the Rotunda Platform?

Made with premium steel, the Rotunda Platform is sturdy enough to keep most patients stable as they transition from different appliances. The platform swivels without any tilt to prevent the patient from losing their balance and falling. 

Does the Rotunda Turn Easily?

The Rotunda Transfer Platform has been designed to be safe and easy for one carer to use, it features a locking mechanism to make the turning process gradual and controlled. It rotates between five positions, and can be locked in each position to ensure stability as the patient enters and leaves the transfer aid.

Will the Rotunda  Platform Fit Through Doors?

This transfer aid can fit through standard British doors at 66cm in width, and it will be able to travel through most care homes and residences without a problem. We recommend you measure the width of your relevant doors before purchasing the Rotunda Transfer Platform.

What Kinds of Transfers is the Rotunda Used for?

The Rotunda is ideal for sitting to standing transfers for patients that can bear their own weight. It is designed to be as versatile as possible, and can assist with patients as they transition between a bed, seat, commode or wheelchair.

How Many Carers Are Needed for Safe Operation?

This transfer aid takes the majority of the strain off the carer, and makes transfers of most patients safe and easy. Providing the appropriate risk assessment has been undertaken, the Rotunda can be operated by a single carer, thereby freeing up the facility's resources for other care applications.

How Do I Use the Rotunda Platform?

For a quick guide on using the Rotunda Transfer Platform to safely transfer your patients, read through the short animated guide below:

rotunda instructions step one
Ensure the turntable is locked in front of the patient with wheels facing the carer

rotunda instructions step two
Get the patient to place their feet on the turntable, and their hands on the handle as they are assisted to a standing position
rotunda instructions step three
Unlock the turntable and rotate smoothly – once locked in position, the patient is ready to complete the transfer
rotunda instructions step four
Transfer the patient to the previously-placed surface, and remove the Rotunda by tilting it back onto the wheels and rolling away

Can I Use the Rotunda to Transport Patients?

It's important to note that while the Rotunda is useful for sitting-to-standing transfers, it is NOT suitable for transporting patients around a ward, care home or residence. This should be done with a certified transfer chair, such as the Alerta Medical Commode and Transfer Chair.

What is the Rotunda Made From?

The Rotunda frame is made from high-quality, premium steel to ensure maximum stability for the patient. Strong and robust, the steel material is highly durable for a longer practical lifespan.

Why Should I Trust the Rotunda?

Invented in 1987, the Rotunda has earned the trust of medical professionals from across the UK over the past few decades. Handmade in Haverhill, Suffolk, this product has seen certified use in the NHS, private hospitals, care homes and residences throughout the country.

Is This Transfer Aid Suitable for Bariatric Users?

While the Rotunda Platform is not recommended for bariatric users, there are versions of the transfer aid that are. The Rotunda Wide Bariatric Transfer Platform is an ideal option, as it is manufactured from premium steel and made with a specially expanded 660mm width, making it suitable for almost all bariatric patients.

See the Rotunda Transfer Platform in Action

What Accessories are Available?

The Rotunda is available with accessories to make its use more comfortable, safe and efficient. These accessories can be selected using the tick boxes near the top of the page. These accessories are:

Are Other Versions Available?

The Rotunda Height Adjustable Transfer Platform is ideal for transferring taller patients. Other versions of the Rotunda are available:

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Weight: 250kg (39 stone)
  • Overall Height: 960 - 1170mm
  • Width Between Handles: 420mm
  • Overall Width: 660mm (will pass through standard door frame)
  • Overall Depth: 618mm
  • Handle Height (from floor): 720 - 950mm
  • Turntable Diameter: 457mm
  • Unit weight: 13kg (29lb)

Returns Policy - This Item Is Not Returnable Due to Being Made-to-Order

This item is non-returnable and non-refundable.

As this product is manufactured to order, it is unfortunately not possible to return it for a refund. Please take this into account when making your order. If you have any questions regarding this returns policy, please contact our Medical Supplies Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 for further details.

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