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Reusable Copper-Infused Face Mask for Virus Protection

Reusable Copper-Infused Face Mask for Virus Protection
 Reusable Copper-Infused Face Mask for Virus ProtectionReusable Copper-Infused Face Mask for Virus Protection 
  • Reusable face mask with the antimicrobial protection of copper fibre
  • Ideal for everyday virus protection at the shops or on public transport
  • Antimicrobial copper fabric is proven to kill many bacteria and viruses
  • Designed to filter more than 99% of airborne particles
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Brand:  Copper Clothing

Reusable Copper-Infused Face Mask for Virus Protection

Face masks are becoming a regular part of everyday life, and choosing the proper mask to provide the greatest protection and peace of mind is crucial. The Reusable Copper-Infused Face Mask for Virus Protection is made with copper fibre that is proven to kill over 99.9% of many types of bacteria and viruses, providing an advantage when compared to particle-filtering masks made of standard cotton and other materials.

This mask is available in two sizes. The larger size is suitable for most men, while the smaller size is suitable for most women.

Why Choose a Copper Face Mask?

This copper mask has been designed to filter 99% of airborne particles, but is particularly effective thanks to its use of copper fibre. Copper fibres are proven to start killing viruses and bacteria on contact, providing an extra layer of virus protection when compared to masks made of standard materials.

What Kinds of Bacteria Can Copper Kill?

The antimicrobial properties of copper are well known in the medical field, and copper-infused fabrics have been shown to be effective at killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Published medical journals have proven that copper fabrics can kill a range of viruses including Influenza (H1N1 / H9N2) in under 20 minutes, and a 2014 study by Copper Clothing Ltd showed that copper-infused fabric achieved a 99.9% reduction and destruction of a coronavirus within 10 minutes.

Please note that the copper fabric used in this mask has not yet been tested against the current COVID-19 strain of coronavirus.

Which Size Should I Choose?

This mask is available in two sizes. To determine the correct size for you, measure from the bridge of your nose to your lower chin, as demonstrated with the graphic below.

Mask Size Face Measurement (cm)
Small / Medium Up to 13cm
Medium / Large 13cm or greater

Copper Mask Sizing Diagram

How Many Layers of Protection Does the Mask Provide?

The Antimicrobial Copper Face Mask is made with four layers, with copper-infused fabric used for the outermost layer. These layers provide the mask with remarkable filtration efficiency, while the copper fabric layer has been shown to destroy bacteria and viruses, including the the bovine coronavirus, with 99.99% efficiency.

Can This Mask Improve Skin Health?

Studies have shown that copper-infused fabric reduces the tell-tale signs of ageing in the skin by promoting blood flow, collagen and elastin. This helps to keep the skin on your face fresh and vibrant, and these properties have also been shown to drastically reduce dry and itchy skin. 

How Does Copper Kill Bacteria?

The graphic below provides a simplified explanation of how copper ions can kill harmful viruses and bacteria.

How Does Copper Kill Bacteria?

Where Else Are Copper Fabrics Used?

Copper-infused fabric, just like the kind found in this mask, is currently used by NASA and some of the world's leading militaries for its beneficial effects. Providing superior odour control and antimicrobial properties while staying lightweight, comfortable and breathable, you can be sure that if these fabrics are good enough for them, they'll be good enough for you.

How Do I Wash My Copper Face Mask?

To wash your mask while retaining filtration efficiency, follow the steps below. The mask must be washed in distilled or cooled boiling water to ensure hygiene is maintained. DO NOT use washing liquid or detergents.

  1. Place the Mask in a bowl ensuring that the elastic ear loops and toggles are outside
  2. Add distilled water or boiled water left to rest for 15 minutes to the bowl
  3. Soak the face mask for at least 5 minutes while GENTLY massaging the material
  4. Squeeze out excess water and lay the face mask flat to dry naturally

Copper Clothing on the BBC

Watch the video below to see Copper Clothing's feature on BBC's The One Show.

Please note that the Copper Face Mask is a face covering and as such is NOT considered PPE. This means that it is not suitable for medical or industrial use.

This Item Is Not Returnable On Grounds Of Hygiene

Please note, Medical Supplies is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason this item is non-refundable and non-returnable if unsuitable or unwanted on grounds of hygiene.

If you have any questions regarding this returns policy, please contact our Medical Supplies Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 for further details.

Delivery Information

The Reusable Copper-Infused Face Mask for Virus Protection is usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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