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Relicrepe Cotton Crepe Bandages BP

Relicrepe Cotton Crepe Bandages BP
Size: 5cm x 4mSize: 7.5cm x 4mSize: 10cm x 4mSize: 15cm x 4m
  • Strong woven material with high elasticity
  • Can be handwashed and reused where users see fit
  • Excellent for securing dressing and compressing strains
  • Minimum purchase of 10 bandages per order required
Our Price:  £0.82
(exc VAT at 20%)  (£0.98 Inc. VAT)

Brand:  Reliance Medical

Relicrepe Cotton Crepe Bandages BP

The Relicrepe Cotton Crepe Bandages BP provide the ultimate support for sprains, strains and other similar maladies. They can be used to hold dressings in place over wounds or scrapes, to immobilise arms and legs when they have been fractured, or to compress injured areas to prevent any swelling.

Providing Support to Injuries

The BP grade bandage can be applied after a cold compress has been applied to the affected area, to minimise any swelling and therefore reduce pain. Once the bandage has been wrapped around the injury so that it is placed firmly but not too tightly, it can be secured in place with microporous tape or safety pins.

Wash and Reuse

One of the benefits of the Cotton Crepe Bandages is that they can be handwashed and used multiple times wherever the user sees fit. To reuse any bandages, wash them in hot soapy water, rinse in warm water, and lay out to dry on a flat surface; do not put the bandages in a tumble dryer or stretch while wet.

A Range of Sizes to Choose From

The Relicrepe Bandages BP are available to purchase in varying sizes depending on the needs of the user. Please refer to the table below for the sizes we offer.

Size Dimensions (WxL)
Small 5cm x 4m
Medium 7.5cm x 4m
Large 10cm x 4m
Extra Large 15cm x 4m

Delivery Information

The Relicrepe Cotton Crepe Bandages BP are usually dispatched via First Class Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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