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Panic Alarm Button for MPPL Epilepsy Alarm System

Panic Alarm Button for MPPL Epilepsy Alarm System
  • Soft touch panic alarm button for use with the MPPL Pager
  • Suitable for elderly, disabled and bed bound
  • Allows user to trigger an alarm that alerts a carer
  • Soft button is easy and soft to press and touch


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In stock now

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Panic Alarm Button for MPPL Epilepsy Alarm System

If someone has limited mobility and is confined to their bed, asking them to use their hands to press an emergency call button can be a unrealistic request. The Soft Touch Panic Alarm for MPPL Pager Alarm System seeks to alleviate this problem.

What Is the Panic Alarm Button For?

The Panic Alarm Button allows for bedridden, the elderly and disabled patients to alert a nearby loved one or carer that they need assistance. The button is soft to touch, and works by transmitting (using an MPPL Transmitter) a signal, to a nearby MPPL Pager that will make a audible or vibrating alert. This will then alert someone that someone needs assistance.

What Do I Need to Use the Panic Alarm Button?

The Epilepsy Alarm System is a great way of providing help if a loved one requires it. The Panic Alarm Button is a fantastic way of letting a loved one, patient or client press the soft button to alert family or a carer. However, to use the device correctly, you will need to purchase:

For more information on our MPPL Epilepsy Alarm System, please see the tab at the top of the page.

Designed for Pillows

Simply place the soft touch button on a pillow, and the patient can simply roll their head on to it if they need help. This is much easier for those with limited movement in their hands, as it means they can easily and reliably call for help when they need it.

Hygienic Design

Not only is the soft touch button easy and effective, it's also incredibly hygienic. The button itself is contained in a protective pouch, which can be easily washed to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness.

Understanding the MPPL Epilepsy Alarm System

The MPPL Epilepsy Alarm System is a series of pagers, monitors, sensors, transmitters and full kits that enable you to monitor people while they are asleep. It is designed for those with epilepsy, dementia and other similar diseases. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to get your head around, so we've created this guide for understanding your way around the MPPL System.

What Do I Need to Know Before Purchase?

The Epilepsy Alarm System features three different kinds of products. These are MPPL Pagers, Transmitters, and finally the group Switches, Buttons, Sensors and Detectors. The system works in the following way:

A sleeping person has a seizure and triggers a sensor, followed by the sensor triggering the transmitter. The transmitter sends an alert to the pager which sounds an alarm which alerts a carer or loved one.

How the MPPL Alarm System Works

Key Rules Before Purchase

  1. Your Epilepsy Alarm System must include an MPPL Pager, a Sensor and and a Transmitter to work.
  2. Before ordering a sensor on its own, please check whether it includes a Transmitter and MPPL Pager.
  3. Some of our switches, buttons, sensors and detectors are supplied with either an MPPL Pager, a transmitter, or nothing at all, so it's important to check first.
  4. If you are just after a spare part, then you don't need to worry about purchasing all three types of product again.
  5. All of our Full Kits are supplied with a Sensor, Transmitter and Pager.

The MPPL Epilepsy Alarm System

The MPPL Epilepsy Alarm System comprises of three types of product. The MPPL Pager, which is required by all products in the range, the switches, buttons, sensors and detectors that monitor the patient, and the transmitter that transmits the signal from the sensors to the pager. Below is links to our entire MPPL Range:

MPPL Pagers (Required with all MPPL Products)

  • MPPL Pager for the Epilepsy Alarm System

Transmitters - connect your "switches, buttons, sensors and detectors" to your "MPPL pagers" (MPPL Pager not included with purchase)

  • Pressure Mat Transmitter for MPPL Alarms (for use with MPPL Pressure Mats)
  • Panic Alarm Transmitter for MPPL Alarms (for use with MPPL Panic Alarm Buttons)
  • Sound Activated Transmitter for MPPL Alarms (sends an alert to your MPPL Pager when it hears sound)
  • Large Button Key Fob Transmitter for MPPL Alarm Pager (enables elderly or disabled to contact carer)

Switches, Buttons, Sensors and Detectors (please note that although some include a transmitter, an MPPL Pager is still required)

  • Easy Press Jelly Switch for MPPL Pagers
  • Easy Press Jelly Switch with Transmitter for MPPL Pagers
  • Heavy Duty Non-Slip Floor Mat with Transmitter
  • MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster
  • PIR Motion Detector for MPPL Pager Alarms Kit
  • Pressure Mat with Transmitter

Full Kits (all necessary parts are included with your purchase)

  • Heavy Duty Non-Slip Floor Mat with MPPL Pager
  • Key Fob and MPPL Alarm Pager Kit
  • Medpage Ultra Sensitive Children's Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm
  • Medpage MP5V2 Epileptic Seizure Movement Monitor
  • Medpage MP5-UTB Epilepsy Bed Movement Seizure Alarm System
  • Medpage Waterproof Panic Alarm Pendant and MPPL Pager
  • Soft Touch Chin and Facial Activation Disabled Alarm for MPPL Home Care System
  • Splash Proof Wireless Call Pendant with MPPL Pager

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