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P-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour Fabric

P-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour Fabric
P-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour FabricP-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour FabricP-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour Fabric
P-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour FabricP-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour FabricP-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour Fabric
  • P-Pod chair in a range of sizes
  • Designed for infants to adults
  • Provides postural support and positioning
  • Provides comfort in a wide range of environments
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Brand:  P-Pod

P-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour Fabric

The P-Pod Positioning Support Chair with Crushed Velour Fabric offers children and adults postural support and improved positioning when at home or in care environments. The P-Pod chair is lightweight with a comfortable beanbag seat, making it ideal for everyday use.

Please note that some of the images above show the P-Pod chair in use with optional accessories. Please scroll to the bottom of the listing for information about the accessories available.

What's Included?

The P-Pod Support Chair is made up of the following components:

  • 1 x Bean Bag Base and Bolster (Filled)
  • 1 x Cover
  • 1 x Liner
  • 1 x Flip-Over Headrest Cushion
  • 1 x Pelvic Strap

Key Features and Benefits of the P-Pod Chair

  • Ideal for children and adults: Whatever the age of the user, the P-Pod provides reliable postural support
  • Great for at home or in care environments: The versatile bean bag design is ideal for a range of situations
  • Comfortable support: The bean bag, soft fabric, and comfortable headrest ensure optimal comfort for the user
  • Wide range of sizes: With a selection of sizes available, the P-Pod is great for users from children to adults
  • Lightweight and easy to move around: The P-Pod can be moved around the home or to different classrooms with ease
  • Safer than a standard bean bag: Combine the comfort of the bean bag with the postural support of a positioning aid with the P-Pod!
  • Selection of colours available: Add a touch of personality to your P-Pod by choosing your favourite colour of fabric!

Who Can Use the P-Pod Chair?

The P-Pod has been designed for use by children and adults with disabilities, particularly those with body symmetry but who require postural support when sitting. The P-Pod provides optimal comfort and postural positioning for individuals who require support with sitting. This makes it ideal for encouraging social interaction and partaking in activities whether at home or in a care environment.

Where Can the P-Pod Be Used?

Due to the accommodating nature of the P-Pod, with its lightweight design, easy manoeuvrability, and range of sizes, it can be used in a wide range of environments. It is ideal for moving around the home from room to room, and it is also suitable for use in care environments or in schools, allowing the user to feet more included and involved with group activities.

Which Size of P-Pod Seat Do I Need?

The P-Pod seat is available from Sizes 1 to Size 6. Please see the table below for information about the sizing available.

To make it easier to read, we've split the tables in two: the first table is for the smaller three sizes, and the second table is for the larger three sizes. Beneath the tables, you'll find a guide to how to correctly measure the user to determine the size of P-Pod required.

Sizes 1 to 3

Width Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Hip Width 220mm (8.75") 250mm (10") 260mm (10.25")
Trunk Width 190mm (7.5") 220mm (8.75") 240mm (9.5")
Seat Depth 210mm (8.25") 230mm (9") 290mm (11.5")
Axilla Height 220mm (8.75") 260mm (10.25") 290mm (11.5")
Shoulder Height 340mm (13.5") 370mm (14.5") 420mm (16.5")
Head Height 430mm (17") 500mm (19.75") 560mm (22")

Sizes 4 to 6

Width Size 4 Size 5 Size 6
Hip Width 310mm (12.25") 360mm (14.25") 420mm (16.5")
Trunk Width 270mm (10.5") 320mm (12.5") 340mm (13.5")
Seat Depth 330mm (13") 350mm (13.75") 430mm (17")
Axilla Height 320mm (12.5") 360mm (14.25") 420mm (16.5")
Shoulder Height 440mm (17.25") 470mm (18.5") 550mm (21.75")
Head Height 620mm (24.5") 660mm (26") 730mm (28.75")

If the user falls between two sizes, then it is generally advised that you choose the larger of the two sizes. However, if in doubt, then we would always recommend that you consult a medical professional before selecting a size.

How Do I Measure the User for a P-Pod?

To measure the user to determine the size of P-Pod required, please follow the instructions below. Six measurements need to be taken, and these can then be cross-referenced with the tables above to find the right size.

Once the user is lying flat on the floor, the following measurements can be taken using a tape measure:

How To Measure For The P-Pod

How Comfortable Is the P-Pod Chair?

As the user may be spending a lot of time in their P-Pod chair, the support has been designed to be as comfortable as possible. It features a filled bean bag base that has been shaped to support the posture of the user, with a head rest to further improve comfort. The soft quilted cover is pleasant to sit on, and this can also be removed for cleaning to ensure optimal hygiene and comfort.

P-Pod Chair Head Rest
Head rest for improved comfort

How Safe Is the P-Pod Chair?

The P-Pod was developed to specifically resolve the issue of instability caused by the standard bean bag. It utilises the comfort and convenience of the bean bag, and combines it with a more supportive shape, a comfortable harness, and removable cover for easier cleaning. As such, it is considered to be a much safer option for individuals seeking postural and positioning support than similar seats.

How Stable is the P-Pod Chair?

In addition to provide more postural support than a standard bean bag, the P-Pod is also a more stable alternative. This is because it features a bolster to improve both comfort and stability. Heavy-duty Velcro is used to securely hold everything together.

Is the P-Pod Chair Waterproof?

The seat section of the P-Pod chair is made from closed cell foam, and is therefore waterproof. The covers can be removed for washing if anything is spilled on the P-Pod.

For How Long Can the User Sit In the P-Pod?

It is recommended that the user sits in the P-Pod for no more than three hours at any one time. This allows them a change of posture, and with daily use the user's tolerance to the P-Pod should improve.

Please note that the user should never be left unattended in the P-Pod.

How Do I Assemble the P-Pod?

The P-Pod is provided in three separate parts: the pod on which the user sits; the bolster support; and the bean bag. Attach the bolster support to the bean bag, then place the pod in place, securing everything with the Velcro. A visual guide can be found in the user manual below.

P-Pod Chair User Manual

P-Pod User Manual
P-Pod Chair User Manual

How Do I Clean the P-Pod Chair?

The seat cover can be removed by stretching it off the pod. Follow the instructions on the washing label inside of the covers to ensure proper treatment of the fabric. Further instructions can be found in the user manual.

Please note that the inner foam must not be washed. It is sealed with a membrane that cannot be removed. The plastic membrane over the phone can be wiped clean.

How Do I Care for the P-Pod Chair?

It is recommended that the pod and bolster are removed from the bean bag at least once a week so that you can give the bag a shake. This allows the balls to maintain their volume and shape. Make sure that the chair is checked regularly to ensure that there are no tears or damages that may cause the balls to spill out.

Which Colours Are Available?

Ensuring that each P-Pod user can relax and feel supported in a chair that matches their personality, the upholstery is available in a selection of bright and attractive colours. Please see below for a look at the colour options, then select your preferred colour from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

P-Pod Chair Swatch Colours

Which Accessories Are Available?

Allowing you to get the most out of your P-Pod chair, a range of accessories can be purchased to boost its efficacy and versatility. Please see below for the available P-Pod accessories.

  • Activity Frame – designed for hanging toys during play therapy
  • Activity Frame Storage Bag – stores the activity frame when not in use
  • Chest Strap – designed to help with individuals who require enhanced support
  • Foot Bolster – allows the user to rest their feet
  • Freestanding Tray – positions over the P-Pod with a large surface area for activities
  • Groin Strap – provides additional support when used with the pelvic strap
  • Growth Liner – allows the P-Pod to adapt to the user as they grow and as their posture changes
  • Lap Tray – positions over the user's lap for close-up activities
  • Lateral Bolsters – the pair of lateral bolsters reduces the seat width while supporting the side of the user
  • Mobile Base – makes it easier to move larger P-Pod chairs around
  • Omnitherm Liner – helps the user to maintain a comfortable body temperature
  • Tilting Mobile Base – mobile base with a powered tilt mechanism for ease of use

Can I Buy Replacement Parts?

If, over time, you find that your P-Pod begins to look a little worn, then you can purchase replacement components. This means you don't need to purchase an entire P-Pod chair; simply see the items below and purchase the parts that you need.

As this item is made to order, delivery may take up to four weeks. Please note that, due to the size of this item, there will be a delivery surcharge for any orders being delivered to an address in Northern Ireland.

Please call our Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 if you would like more information about this.

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