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OneWaySlide Tubular Sliding Aid

OneWaySlide Tubular Sliding Aid
  • Enables easy positioning in a chair or wheelchair
  • Prevents user from sliding forward in their chair
  • Soft, padded surface comfortable to sit on
  • Available to buy in two different sizes
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Brand:  SystemRoMedic

OneWaySlide Tubular Sliding Aid

The OneWaySlide Tubular Sliding Aid has been designed to improve sitting positions in chairs and wheelchairs. It effectively slows down forward movement yet slides backwards, making it easy for the carer to help the user move into a more comfortable position in the chair. The OneWaySlide has a soft padded surface that's very comfortable to sit on and aids in the prevention of sedentary users developing pressure sores.

Features of the OneWaySlide Tubular Sliding Aid

  • A soft, padded surface facilitates sitting comfort
  • A non-slide area prevents the user from sliding forward
  • Robust draw straps mean that carers need not physically pull users
  • The ULF (Ultra Low Friction) sliding material under the buttocks makes it easy to pull the user backwards

Effective Positioning Pad

Suitable for the more active user who needs little intervention from a carer, the OneWaySlide is a handy positioning pad that improves a patient's sitting position in a chair or wheelchair. The sliding pad effectively prevents forward movement but allows for easy backwards movement.

Care Instructions for the OneWaySlide Tubular Sliding Aid

The OneWaySlide Tubular Sliding Aid should be washed in 70°C water and tumble-dried at a low temperature (approximately 45-50°C). Do not use rinse/fabric softener and avoid tumble-drying at high temperatures for optimal service life.

How Large is the OneWaySlide Tubular Sliding Aid

The OneWaySlide is available in two sizes:

Size Measurements (cm) Measurements (inches)
Small 50 x 40cm 20 x 16"
Medium 50 x 45cm 20 x 18"

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Delivery Information

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