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Nonin 2120 Avant Digital SpO2 and NIBP Monitor

Nonin 2120 Avant Digital SpO2 and NIBP Monitor
  • Offers automated NIBP measurements and proven SpO2 monitoring
  • Equipped with a user or system-defined dynamic inflation pressure
  • Comprehensive data capture is ideal for extended monitoring
  • Designed for use in motion and low perfusion environments


Available, dispatched in 1-3 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days

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Brand:  Nonin

Heavy Duty Carry Case for Nonin Avant Pulse Oximeter MonitorsHeavy Duty Carry Case for Nonin Avant Pulse Oximeter Monitors

Nonin 2120 Avant Digital SpO2 and NIBP Monitor

If you're trying to keep an eye on your patient's cardiovascular health, two of the most important things to monitor are blood pressure and blood oxygenation. The Nonin 2120 Avant Digital SpO2 and NIBP Monitor is an exceptionally practical device that allows you to monitor these quickly and effortlessly by providing accurate real-time readings on a clear and intuitive display.

What's Included?

Your purchase of the Nonin 2120 Avant Digital SpO2 and NIBP Monitor will include the following:

  • 1 x Nonin Avant 2120 SpO2 and NIBP monitor
  • 1 x Oscillometric adult blood pressure cuff (26 – 35cm)
  • 1 x Standard adult oximetry finger clip

What Are the Key Features of the Nonin 2120 Avant Monitor?

The Nonin 2120 Avant Monitor has been built to maximise utility in a clinical environment:

  • Diverse measurements – automated and on-demand NIBP measurements and proven SpO2 monitoring
  • Recharges quickly – with dual voltage adaptability or battery operation
  • Comprehensive data capture – ideal for extended monitoring
  • Capable of difficult readings – suitable for use in motion and low perfusion environments
  • Dynamic cuff pressure – based on the first reading determines appropriate cuff strength
  • Customisable alarm parameters – are easily programmed to meet the needs of your patients
  • Easy to calibrate – on site using only simple equipment
  • Extensive memory – can review and print up to 300 results
  • History function – allows previously captured data to be viewed on the device itself

How Does the Nonin SpO2 and NIBP Monitor Work?

Ideal for paediatric patients through to adults, the Nonin 2120 offers dynamic sensors for each patient application. The NIBP model features an oscillometric blood pressure method that provides fast, motion-tolerant readings.

Unlike auscultatory methods, oscillometric readings are not influenced by ambient noise or movement. The Nonin 2120 also incorporates Nonin's proven PureSAT pulse oximetry technology, meaning you can rely on a dependable, quality reading even with the most challenging of patients.

Is the Monitor Easy to Use?

This Nonin Avant Monitor has been equipped with a user friendly interface so there is nothing to stand between you and excellent diagnostics. It includes a colour coded pulse bar graph and pulse quality indicator, as well as an audible tone which responds to each pulse beat. It also comes complete with a sensor indicator which responds to a lack of pressure from the finger clip so that you can achieve the most accurate diagnostics possible. 

What Is NIBP Technology?

Non Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) measurements take advantage of oscillometric methods to offer fast readings which are not undermined by motion. The cuff responds to oscillating pulsations created in the arterial wall in order to generate its reading.

What Is PureSAT SpO2 Technology?

Nonin PureSAT technology features an excellent rate of artifact rejection alongside improved pulse detection. This allows it to achieve faster, more precise readings than other devices.

Is This Avant Monitor Comfortable?

Both the blood pressure, and SpO2 measurements offered by this device have been designed to be as non invasive as possible. The standard adult cuff and finger clip supplied with the monitor are both comfortable for the patient.

Does This Device Come with a Printer?

The Nonin 2120 Avant Digital SpO2 and NIBP Monitor does not come with a printer by default. Fortunately, however, Nonin manufacture a bespoke mini-printer for use with this device, the Printer for Nonin Avant Monitors. This compact device allows you to keep an immediate physical record of results for your, or your patient's, records.

What If I'm Looking for Additional Protection?

The last thing you want to happen to expensive, high-quality equipment like this monitor is for it to become damaged. This can be a particular problem if you need to move the device around frequently. The Heavy Duty Carry Case for Nonin Avant Pulse Oximeter Monitors offers excellent protection without obscuring the readout or controls of your monitor.

Technical Specification

  • Oxygen saturation display range: 0 – 100% SpO2
  • Oxygen saturation accuracy (standard): 70 – 100% ±2
  • Oxygen saturation accuracy (motion): 70 – 100% ±2
  • Oxygen saturation accuracy (low perfusion): 70 – 100% ±2
  • Pulse rate display range: 18 – 200 BPM
  • Blood pressure range (systolic): 40 – 260mmHg
  • Blood pressure range (diastolic): 25 – 200mmHg
  • Pressure transducer accuracy:  ±3mmHg between 0 and 300mmHg
  • Operating temperature: -4 – +50ºC
  • Operating humidity: 10 to 90%
  • Power requirement: 7.2V battery pack or 12V DC power adaptor
  • Battery life: 5 hours continuous operation
  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 19.0 x 13.8cm
  • Weight: 1.3kg

Tested for Compliance

The Nonin 2120 Avant Digital SpO2 and NIBP Monitor is ISO 9919:2005 compliant. All Nonin oximeters are tested to comply with the current international standards for pulse oximeters.

This item is usually delivered within 48 hours to UK mainland addresses.

Please call our Medical Supplies Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 if you have any questions about delivery of this item.

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