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Nessie Paediatric Positioning Support

Nessie Paediatric Positioning Support
  • Nessie postural support aid for assistance during therapy
  • Ideal for supporting babies and toddlers with disabilities
  • Encourages physical development and postural movement
  • Enables up to seven sitting and lying positions for versatility
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Brand:  Nessie

Nessie Paediatric Positioning Support

The Nessie Paediatric Positioning Support aids physical development and encourages postural movements for babies and toddlers. With the ability to position the user in seven different supportive ways, it is particularly useful for assisting parents, therapists, and carers when working with young disabled children in a range of therapeutic play therapies.

Key Features and Benefits of the Nessie Positioning Support

  • Ideal for babies and toddlers: Available in a range of sizes, Nessie can be used by a range of young children
  • Great for at home or in care environments: The versatile design allows parents, carers, and therapists alike to easily assist children requiring postural encouragement and support
  • Seven supportive positions: Nessie has been designed to encourage seven different positions for versatile therapy
  • Comfortable support: The bean bag, soft fabric, and comfortable headrest ensure optimal comfort for the user
  • Lightweight and easy to move around: Nessie can be moved around the home or clinic with ease, while still being weighted enough for stability during use
  • Easy to clean: Removing the Nessie cover ensures it can be cleaned easily for good hygiene maintenance
  • Selection of colours available: The bright colours of the soft velour fabric is more appealing to the younger user

Who Can Use the Nessie Support?

Nessie has been designed for use by babies and toddlers requiring postural support and assistance with physical development. It is particularly useful for young children with disabilities, providing parents, carers, and therapists with the means of physically supporting the child during play therapy.

How Do I Use the Nessie Support?

Once Nessie has been placed on a flat and secure surface at floor level, the child can be positioned ready for therapy or play. Please note that the child must not be left unattended while using Nessie. The following therapeutic positions are facilitated:

  • Supine: Placing the child on their back offers stability, while strengthening the neck, stomach, shoulders, and hip flexors. It also encourages sensory development and exploration of the hands and feet.
  • Prone: Also known as 'tummy time', the child is placed with their front over the lip of Nessie to support physical development. It helps to strengthen the neck, shoulders, arms, and back.
  • Long Sitting: The bumps along Nessie helps with weight bearing through the arms and shoulders, while allowing this position to encourage head control, movement from the hands to the midline, and reaching for toys.
  • Side Lying: With the help of Nessie, side lying encourages children to put their hands together and to lift their head against gravity. It can also encourage the beginning of pushing up into sitting, and may help to reduce the crossing over of legs.
  • Side Sitting: A suitable next step from side lying, this improves shoulder girdle development. It also encourages the child to twist around.
  • Crawling: The crawling position supports physical development as the child supports their own body weight. It helps to strengthen muscles and encourages the development of the shoulder, pelvic girdle, and hip joint.
  • Sitting Straddle: Also known as the horseriding position, this supports cognitive development through the introduction of lordosis (inward curving). It also encourages sensory development as the child's hands and feet are able to play.

Please see the Nessie user manual PDF below for a visual guide to Nessie's positioning support opportunities.

Nessie User Manual
Nessie Positioning Support User Manual

Where Can the Nessie Support Be Used?

Nessie is particularly ideal for use in clinics and medical centres where paediatric therapy occurs. It can also be used in schools or at home where a visiting therapist or clinician. Nessie is light enough to be carried around between rooms or on location, while still being sturdy enough for reliable support.

Which Size of Nessie Do I Need?

The Nessie support is available in four sizes designed to accommodate the needs of babies through to teenagers and young adults. Please see the table below for information about the sizing available, then select your required size from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. The diagram below each table is annotated to indicate where the measurements occur.

Lengths/Widths Small Medium Large Extra Large
A (Length) 535mm 815mm 940mm 1035mm
B (Width) 330mm 495mm 635mm 805mm
D (Length) 380mm 610mm 685mm 805mm
E (Width) 100mm 100mm 159mm 355mm

Nessie Support Sizing
Arial view of Nessie

Heights Small Medium Large Extra Large
C 135mm 180mm 265mm 480mm
F 75mm 110mm 140mm 245mm
G 90mm 140mm 180mm 345mm
H 100mm 185mm 230mm 430mm

Nessie Support Sizing
Side view of Nessie

How Comfortable Is the Nessie Positioner?

As Nessie is designed to assist with development, it's important that it can remain as comfortable as possible while providing optimal levels of support and positioning. It has been designed to be comfortable for the user, conveniently shaped and with a soft-touch crushed velour fabric, ensuring no discomfort hinders the child's progress.

How Safe Is the Nessie Paediatric Support?

The Nessie Paediatric Support is designed for use on a flat surface at floor level, ensuring that the child will not injure themselves should they not yet be ready to fully support their own weight with Nessie. An optional Nessie Activity Mat may also be purchased to create a softer padding beneath Nessie.

Please note that the child should never be left unattended while using Nessie.

Is the Nessie Support Waterproof?

The Nessie Support is made from an open cell foam and is sealed with a waterproof protective plastic membrane to keep Nessie dry. An optional Nessie Jacket accessory can also be purchased, and this hygienic foam features a wipe-clean surface, ideal when Nessie is used by multiple children.

How Do I Clean the Nessie Positioner?

To ensure the support continues to look, feel, and perform its best, each of the components of Nessie needs to be washed in its own way. Please see below for details:

  • Foam Moulding: The foam is protected by the waterproof plastic membrane, and does not need to be washed. Any absorbed water will not correctly dry, but the waterproof liner should reduce any need to wash the foam.
  • Plastic Membrane: The liner can be wiped down with a mild cleaning agent. It can then be towel dried and left at room temperature to dry thoroughly.
  • Nessie Cover: Any light soiling on the cover can be removed with a damp cloth or baby wipe. For more thorough cleaning, unzip and remove the cover from Nessie and refer to the wash label on the inside of the padded cover.

Which Colours Are Available?

Nessie is available in a range of bright and attractive colours to appeal to children. Please see below for a look at the colour options, then select your preferred colour from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

P-Pod Chair Swatch Colours

Can I Buy Replacement Parts?

If, over time, you find that your Nessie Positioning Support begins to look a little worn, then you can purchase replacement components. This means you don't need to purchase an entire Nessie again; simply see the items below and purchase the parts that you need.

  • Spare Nessie Cover

As this item is made to order, delivery may take up to four weeks. Please note that, due to the size of this item, there will be a delivery surcharge for any orders being delivered to an address in Northern Ireland.

Please call our Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 if you would like more information about this.

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