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MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster

MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster
  • Signal booster for all MPPL transmitter products
  • Extends range by 100m, ideal for large houses with thicker walls
  • Powered by a mains adaptor and includes a rechargeable battery
  • Works with seizure alarms, call buttons, bed alarms and movement sensors




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MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster

Designed for use with all MPPL Pager products, the MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster enables you to boost your current MPPL transmitter's range by up to 100 metres. Suitable for care homes, hospitals, large homes and homes with thick walls and no-signal zones, this Signal Booster will give you peace of mind that you will always be alerted should a transmitter or sensor be triggered.

What Is the MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster For?

The MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster can boost the signal of your MPPL Alarms and Sensors by up to 100 metres. Suitable for all MPPL products, this Alarms Signal Booster is perfect for large homes, care homes, care facilities, and buildings with thicker walls and no-signal zones.

What Can the MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster be Used With?

The MPPL Pager Alarms Repeater is suitable for use with all MPPL Pagers, MPPL Bed and Chair Alarms and MPPL PIR Sensors. The pager required is the MPPL Pager for the Epilepsy Care Alarm System, as this automatically transmits a signal to the pager once a transmitter has been alerted. Packs and kits that the MPPL Pager Repeater can be used with include:

The Signal Repeater must be used with an MPPL Pager and appropriate transmitter. Suitable transmitters include all Medpage Seizure Alarms, CTM-3 Bed Alarms, Door Alarms and Movement Sensors, and it can also be connected to all Medpage emergency telephone auto diallers and Telecare provider equipment. For our full MPPL Range, you can see our Medpage MPPL Epilepsy Alarm System category.

When Should I Use the MPPL Pager Alarms Booster?

The MPPL Pager Alarms Booster is designed for use when your current transmitter doesn't quite reach your MPPL Pager. This booster enables you to extend the range by up to 100 metres, perfect for any large care home or house. Suitable uses for this booster include:

  • Large homes
  • Care homes
  • Care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Homes with thick walls
  • Homes with no signal areas
  • Large domestic buildings

How Do I Power the MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Booster?

The MPPL Pager Alarms Booster can be powered by two difference sources. Once is by a mains adaptor that enables you to plug the device in to the mains, and the other source is through a rechargeable battery backup. However, it's worth noting that the battery is designed for use as an emergency backup should there be a power cut, rather than as a primary source of power.

How Do I Install the MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Booster?

Installing the MPPL Pager Alarms Booster is easy, and a full user instructions guide will be supplied with your device. The Signal Booster will automatically connect to all nearby MPPL transmitter products.

How Does the MPPL Pager Alarms Repeater and Booster Work?

The Signal Repeater will extend the range of transmission for all MPPL transmitter products. It works by acting as a simple, repeat transmitter, enabling you to bounce your current transmitter signal off this and on to your MPPL pager.

How Can the MPPL Pager Alarms Booster Put Your Mind at Ease?

We'd like to think that in the 21st century, the signal in the UK will be strong and uninterrupted. However, that is not always the case, especially in more remote areas and in larger houses with thick walls. The MPPL Pager Alarms Booster enables you to put your mind at ease, safe in the knowledge that should a transmitter, sensor or alarm be triggered, that you will instantly be made aware.

Can I Link the Signal Repeater to Multiple Alarms?

Many care homes and care facilities will have multiple care alarms in their MPPL system. To rectify this problem, the Signal Repeater can be connected to multiple transmitters and pagers at the same time. The Signal Repeater and Booster has multiple connection terminals, allowing it to provide a switched output in response to received alarm signals.

What Is the Product Code?

Product Code: MPPL-RPT

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