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Medline Heel Raiser Pro Heel Protector

Medline Heel Raiser Pro Heel Protector
  • Clinically proven heel protector that redistributes pressure in bed
  • Ideal for patients at risk of pressure sores and pressure ulcers
  • Pressure relief raiser can be washed for hygiene purposes
  • Heel raiser keeps the leg elevated during time spent in bed


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Brand:  Medline

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Medline Heel Raiser Pro Heel Protector

Staying in hospital for extended periods can increase your risk of developing pressure sores and pressure ulcers, which is why it's important to raise and protect the foot against an uneven distribution of pressure. The Medline Heel Raiser Pro Heel Protector distributes pressure evenly along the leg and calf to increase comfort, while the protective and raised design protects the heel and foot against pressure related injuries.

Please note that the Medline Heel Raiser Pro is supplied in a one size fits all fit. The adjustable straps allow for a catered but comfortable fit.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Heel Protector

Please note that the Medline Heel Raiser Pro is provided as a single raiser only and not as a pair.

Who Can Use the Medline Heel Raiser Pro?

The Medline Heel Raiser Pro is ideal for anyone who spends time lying down and is at risk of developing pressure sores and the pressure ulcers. Suitable users include:

  • Clients at high risk of skin breakdown
  • Clients with no sensation
  • Clients with impaired skin
  • Clients who have prominent bony areas
  • Clients in long term care
  • Clients with injured legs
  • Clients who are obese
  • Clients who are elderly
  • Clients who are high pressure risk patients

What Can the Medline Heel Raiser Prevent?

The Medline Heel Raiser Pro is designed for anyone that has to remain in bed for a long period of time. Those who spend a long time lying down are at a high risk of developing pressure sores unless steps are taken to prevent them from developing. The Medline Heel Protector is best suited at preventing:

  • Pressure sores
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Swollen and tender legs
  • Inflamed skin

How Do I Wear the Medline Heel Raiser Pro and Which Size Should I Choose?

It is recommended that the Medline Heel Raiser Pro is fitted by a professional care giver. The Medline Heel Raiser Pro is designed to fit all users, and comes in just the one size. The adjustable straps enable you to fit the product to a tightness of your choosing, ensuring that the fit, comfort and pressure given is catered to the patient.

For full user instructions a user manual is supplied with your purchase. Alternatively, the video below demonstrates how to fit the Medline Raiser Pro.

Why Should I Trust the Medline Heel Raiser Protector?

The Medline Heel Raiser Pro is a fantastic product that can prevent pressure sores from developing when the wearer is bedridden for an extended period of time. This is isn't just an empty claim, as the Heel Raiser has been clinically tested in a hospital setting.

The Heel Protector Pro was tested on 19 patients in a long-term care facility, with a pressure-sensing mat measuring the amount of pressure on the heel when the Heel Raiser Pro was in use. It was found that the Raiser Pro completely offloaded the pressure on the vulnerable heel area, taking the average pressure down from 115.23mmHg, to a safe 43.83mmHg.

When Should I Use the Medline Heel Raiser Pro?

The Medline Heel Raiser Pro should be used when the patient is feeling discomfort, or when the first signs of a pressure sore begin to appear. It can be worn through the night, and can be worn for an extended period of time without damage to the foot.

How Does the Medline Heel Raiser Pro Prevent Bed Sores and Ulcers?

In order to offload the pressure from the heels, the boot is fitted around the ankle and the foot, leaving the actual heel exposed to the air. The folding down flap around the toes can also help to increase air flow if this is needed. The pressure is distributed along the calf, rather than being put through a single pressure point.

By offloading the pressure, it means that blood flow to the heel isn't compromised, allowing a healthy circulation through the entire body. This uninterrupted circulation is what keeps us healthy, keeping the area around the heel in good condition throughout the patient's time in hospital.

Why Is the Medline Heel Raiser Pro Hygienic?

During an extended stay in hospital, it's crucial that steps are taken to reduce contamination risk and improve hygiene standards. The Heel Protector Pro is treated by Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment, something that prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria. This helps to keep the leg clean and fresh too, reducing chances of infection.

How Comfortable Is the Medline Heel Raiser Pro?

The Heel Raiser is made from a breathable fabric which controls moisture and sweat levels, helping to make the client more comfortable while lying in bed. This means it can move easily across sheets, reducing friction and shear while making it easier for the wearer to adjust their position.

Adjustable straps ensure that the fit is suitable, while the top of the boot can fold down to fit a smaller foot. The straps have been designed in an anatomical pattern to help guarantee a comfortable fit.

How Do I Wash the Medline Heel Raiser Pro?

The Medline Heel Raiser Pro is suitable for washing, which helps to improve hygiene, cleanliness and longevity. The Heel Raiser Pro can be machine washed if necessary, or if it's just a stain, you can use wipes to wipe off.

Please note that this item is supplied as a single universal left/right boot.

Delivery Information

The Medline Heel Raiser Pro Heel Protector is usually dispatched via First Class Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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Medline Heel Raiser Pro Heel Protector
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Tuesday, 4 June 2019  |  Peter

Having tried all sorts of pressure relief in bed at night and had no success as I have foot ulcers and either the pressure relief cushions were not in the right place or the pressure relief boots moved around my foot as I repositioned it during the night. This is a quick fit, comfortable, absolutely never moves when I move my foot and doesn't squeak like the repose boots!! Brilliant and worth every penny. Highly recommend. It came quickly too!

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