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Medimag Quattro Therapy Magnets

Medimag Quattro Therapy Magnets
 Medimag Quattro Therapy MagnetsMedimag Quattro Therapy Magnets 
  • Includes four powerful magnets enclosed in a single patch
  • Designed for pain, injury and stress recovery
  • Double sided adhesive included for precise placement
  • Magnets feature a diameter of 25mm


Available, dispatched in 1-14 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-14 days

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Brand:  Auris

Medimag Quattro Therapy Magnets

Not just for aches and pains, magnetic therapy can help you perform at your best. The Medimag Quattro Therapy Magnets have been designed for easy application of a total of eight Medimag Magnets to help improve flexibility, balance and blood flow throughout the body, ideal for sportspeople, and those who are more active than others.

What's in the Box?

With your purchase you will receive:

  • 2 x Medimag Quattros
  • 8 x Neodymium Magnets
  • 20 x Double-Sided Adhesives

What Are the Medimag Quattro Therapy Magnets For?

The Medimag Quattro Magnets are designed to place on the body in places where you are feeling tension, pain and soreness. This can include places on the back, the legs and the arms, as the double-sided adhesives that are supplied with your purchase enable you to stick the magnets in place. Finally, because they can be stuck in place it means that they can be used by office workers and sportspeople through the day.

How Do I Use the Medimag Quattro Therapy Magnets?

Using your Medimag Qauttro Magnets can bring pain relief and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. As long as the magnets are placed on to the body correctly, you should quickly begin to reap the rewards of magnetic therapy. To use these magnets correctly, please see the below instructions.

  1. Always position the magnets in pairs, using both the North and South side.
  2. Always ensure that there is 5cm to 7cm between each magnet (failure to do so will cause the magnets to be attracted to each other and compromise their positioning).
  3. Magnets can be worn for as long as you require them (after 8 - 10 days it is advised that you let the skin breathe) including in the shower, the effects should be felt in approximately 3 - 5 days.

What Is Magnetic Therapy?  

Magnetic therapy is an ancient practice that is thought to offer numerous health benefits to the wearer. The therapy is considered to relieve pain and help to heal soft tissue, while also improving your sleep for improved relief from discomfort. Magnets are thought to be a natural way of boosting energy levels, improving circulation, and increasing blood flow to your injured joint, allowing you to make a more rapid recovery.

Key Features of the Quattro Magnets

  • Each Quattro features a diameter of 85mm
  • Each Quattro contains four neodymium magnets in a moulded case
  • Magnets feature a diameter of 25mm each
  • Magnets feature a thickness of 3mm 
  • Magnets feature a remanence of 12,200 Gauss
  • Magnets feature a remanence of 3200 Gauss on contact
  • All contents supplied suitable for washing at 30°C
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