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Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment

Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment
  • Versatile patient weighing system
  • Class III and Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC) approved
  • Suitable for most patients – 200kg capacity
  • Designed for larger hoists for best compatibility




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Brand:  Marsden

Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment

For bed and wheelchair-bound individuals, it's vital that accurate measurements can be taken to ensure their health and wellbeing can be monitored. The Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment provides a versatile way to weigh individuals unable to use conventional weighing solutions.

Designed for Larger Hoists

Designed for use with larger hoists, the M-605 provides carers with a versatile way to weigh individuals who are unable to use floor, column or even wheelchair scales – ideal for use in care homes and in the community. The attachment clips onto coat-hanger shaped spreader bar hoists and clearly displays the weight of the patient to the nearest 100g, providing an incredibly high level of accuracy.

Class III and MDD Approved

As well as being Class III approved, the M-605 is also approved under the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC), as now required by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for hoist weighing attachments. In fact, the M-605 is one of the few hoist weighing attachments approved under this new regulation, helping you ensure that the products you use are legal and regulated.

Easy to Control

To help medical practitioners take accurate and clear readings, the M-605 is incredibly easy to use and control. Two displays on the indicator show weight, height and BMI. To enable the scale to automatically calculate BMI, it features a full-size numerical keypad to make it easy to enter height manually.

A tare option enables the user to easily account for clothing or any other additional weight to ensure readings are as accurate as possible. What's more, the scale also features a hold option to keep the patient's weight on the screen, ensuring it can be taken down accurately.

The scale even includes a built-in rechargeable battery, meaning it can easily be used anywhere throughout the facility regardless of mains power availability.

Key Features of the Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment

The key features of the Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment are:

  • Class III and MDD (93/42/EEC) approved
  • Clips on to larger coat-hanger spreader bar hoists for versatile use
  • Accurate to nearest 100g for precise results
  • Numerical keypad for easy entering of patient height
  • Calculates BMI in seconds
  • Large and bright displays show key information clearly
  • Tare and hold functions for accurate measurement and notation
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for portable use

Technical Specifications of the Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment

The technical specifications of the Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment are:

  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Graduations: 100g
  • Weight of scale: 6.7kg
  • Power supply: mains adaptor/rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: 730 x 275 x 160mm

Please note: the product supplied is slightly longer than shown in the image above.

Delivery Information for the Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment

The Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment is usually delivered approximately 1 week after dispatch, depending on availability. For up-to-date availability and delivery information, contact our customer service team on 020 7501 0593.

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