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Latex Stretch Bandage Tape for Magnets

Latex Stretch Bandage Tape for Magnets
  • Breathable and comfortable adhesive tape
  • Enables you to stick magnets to your body
  • Can be ripped to fit the size just right for you
  • Features a length of 4.5m for longevity


Available, dispatched in 1-14 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-14 days

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Brand:  Auris

Latex Stretch Bandage Tape for Magnets

Magnets are ideal for pain relief and injury recovery, and the best way to keep them attached to your skin for extended periods is by using the Latex Stretch Bandage Tape for Magnets. Provided in a length of 4.5 metres, this tape can be cut and morphed into a shape of your choice, enabling you to provide pain relief to more intricate parts of your body.

How Do I Use the Latex Stretch Bandage Tape?

Using the tape is simple, as all you need to do is stick it to your leg with the magnet underneath. To do this, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Unroll the desired amount of Bandage Tape
  2. Easily rip the Bandage Tape by hand
  3. Place the magnets underneath the Bandage Tape
  4. Stick the tape to a place of your choosing on your body

Due to the stretch nature of the tape you can go about your daily routine safe in the knowledge that your magnets aren't going anywhere. Enjoy the natural energy boost, pain relief and hydration magnetic therapy has to offer with zero fuss.

Which Magnets Can I Use the Bandage Tape With?

The Latex Stretch Bandage Tape is designed for use with a range of magnets. By sticking these magnets to the skin, you can increase blood flow and help reduce any pain during recovery from an injury. The magnets that this tape is suitable for use with include:

  • Auris Duo Magnets
  • Medimag Stick Magnets
  • Actiflux Magnetic Capsules
  • Medimag Quattro Magnets

How Long Is the Bandage Tape?

The Latex Bandage Tape is 50mm wide and approximately 4.5m long. This means that the tape will last for a long time, and you can cut larger amounts off the tape for more invasive magnet therapy. The length of the tape ensures that you can really get your money's worth!

How Easy Is the Bandage Tape to Cut?

The Bandage Tape can either be cut with scissors or pulled apart by your hands. This is easy to do, and you can simply rip the tape to a shape of your choice. This enables you to stick magnets to particularly intricate and difficult parts of the body such as the top of the foot and the palm of your hands.

What Is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is an ancient practice that is thought to offer numerous health benefits to the wearer. The therapy is considered to relieve pain and help to heal soft tissue, while also improving your sleep for improved relief from discomfort. Magnets are thought to be a natural way of boosting energy levels, improving circulation, and increasing blood flow to your injured joint, allowing you to make a more rapid recovery.

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