Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR Mannequin (Full Body in Suitcase)

Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR Mannequin (Full Body in Suitcase)
 Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR Mannequin (Full Body in Suitcase)Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR Mannequin (Full Body in Suitcase) 
  • Quality CPR Mannequin for training purposes
  • Able to train in environment of your choice
  • Sensor indicates correct finger placement
  • Realistic anatomy for correct technique




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Brand:  Laerdal

Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR Mannequin (Full Body in Suitcase)

Performing CPR on babies requires a different technique to performing CPR on adults. As such, it's integral that your students are able to deliver quality CPR for infants in accordance with the latest guidelines. The Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR Mannequin (Full Body in Suitcase) is fully guideline compliant and provides thorough, realistic CPR training.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Realistic anatomy, including head tilt, chin lift and compression depth
  • QCPR Mannequin is guideline compliant
  • Possible to compress beyond 1/3 of anterior - posterior height (1.5in/4cm)
  • Ventilation system provides appropriate chest rise with Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) and Mouth-to-Mouth (MTM)
  • Enhanced measurement and feedback
  • Detailed debriefing screens
  • Sensor indicates correct finger placement

Efficient CPR Training

Laerdal's Resusci Baby should be used with a feedback device so yourself and your trainees can more effectively monitor and review CPR performance. This increases the efficiency and value of training time so you can:

  • More effectively facilitate training for individuals and high-performance teams
  • Train in the environment of your choice
  • Assess performance results of multiple individuals in real time
  • Provide a team debrief while also focusing on individual performances

High-Quality Infant CPR Training

The QCPR Mannequin has realistic anatomy to ensure learners perform the head tilt, chin lift technique correctly, as well as experience the appropriate chest resistance and chest rise. A sensor also indicates correct hand placement so it helps your students perform infant CPR properly.

What's Included with Your Order?

  • 1 x Full-body mannequin
  • 2 x Face masks
  • 1 x Mannequin face shield roll
  • 1 x Disposable airway
  • 1 x Hard carry case
  • 1 x Baby grow (body)
  • 1 x Blanket
  • 1 x Pulse bulb
  • 1 x Mannequin wipe
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x Important product information
  • 1 x Mannequin battery

Technical Specifications

Airway Features:

  • Airway occlusion (head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust)
  • Realistic chest rise and fall

Debriefing Features:

  • Debriefing through recorded events
  • Quick review of CPR performance

Blood Pressure/Pulses:

  • Brachial pulses (pulse bulb)

CPR Features:

  • MTM ventilation
  • Ventilation with face shield
  • Ventilation with pocket mask
  • Ventilation with BVM

Please note that the Resusci Baby QCPR does not include a feedback device. These items must be purchased separately.

The Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR Mannequin (Full Body in Suitcase) will be subject to a delivery time of 3 - 4 working days after the point of order. For more information, contact our Customer Care Team at 020 7501 0593.

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