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Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad

Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad
 Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat PadHotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad 
  • Easy-to-apply self-adhesive heat pad
  • Ideal for easing muscle soreness, menstrual cramps and back pain
  • Ultra-light and odourless for discreet warming
  • Eco-friendly and easily disposed after use


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Brand:  Hotteeze

Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad

A quick and easy-to-apply solution to muscle cramps and pains, the Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad will get you toasty warm within minutes. Whether at work, home or play, a self-adhesive Hotteeze pad provides powerful pain relief quickly and continues to work for 12 hours.

The Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad is also available in a money-saving pack of 10 pads.

Key Features of the Hotteeze Heat Pad

  • Easy-to-apply self-adhesive heat pad
  • Drug-free pain relief that keeps your warm
  • Provides warmth for up to 12 hours
  • Odourless, slim and ultra-light design
  • Can be worn comfortably, invisibly and hands-free all day
  • Eco-friendly and easily disposed after use
  • Engineered in Japan for premium quality
  • Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association

Heat for Lower Back Pain

A study has shown that patients with lower back pain have reported significant pain relief following the use of continuous, low-level heat therapy, with relief persisting for up to 24 hours after therapy. Hotteeze Heat Pad offers a practical and affordable option to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy wherever you are.

Hotteeze Heat Pad for Back Pain

Heat for Muscle Soreness and Flexibility

Application of moist heat therapy has been shown to help reduce athletic injuries, and improve muscle and ligament flexibility. Heat therapy can increase soft tissue flexibility, tissue blood flow and muscle resistance. Continuous, low-level heat, applied after exercise, has been found to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness. Moreover, heat therapy following exercise also decreased the amount of muscle strength lost, preserved muscle activity, and prevented elastic tissue damage.

Heat for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Patients with wrist pain associated with strains, sprains and osteoarthritis reported greater pain relief following continuous, low-level heat therapy, when compared with a placebo. Pain relief progressively increased with each successive day of therapy, and persisted for two days after therapy was stopped.

Heat for Menstrual Cramps

Continuous, low-level heat therapy has been shown to be superior to pain-relieving medication in relieving pain caused by menstrual cramps, reducing tightness and cramping, and significantly decreasing fatigue. The Hotteeze Heat Pad perfectly fits your lower abdomen and provides soothing warmth for up to 12 hours.

Heat for Diabetes

Targeted heat therapy can be beneficial for diabetics with infrared saunas and localised heat pads having a positive effect on patients. Local heat therapy from heat pads are especially beneficial for:

  • Increasing blood flow to the area as a result of inducing vasodilation, which is thought to contribute to wound healing
  • Expedited wound healing

Specifications of the Hotteeze Heat Pad

  • Maximum temperature: 63°C (145.4°F)
  • Average temperature: 50°C (122°F)
  • Duration: 12 hours above 40°C
  • Pad dimensions: 132 x 100mm

Please note that the Hotteeze Heat Pad should never be applied to bare skin. Always read the instructions carefully before use.

Delivery Information

The Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad is usually dispatched via First Class Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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