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HEINE Examination Light LED EL3

HEINE Examination Light LED EL3
 HEINE Examination Light LED EL3HEINE Examination Light LED EL3 
  • LED light for shadow-free illumination during examination
  • Optimal light intensity, thermal management and colour rendering set high as possible
  • Goose neck enables easy and intuitive adjustment for catered needs
  • Choice between wall mount, table-top clamp or wheeled stand


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In stock now

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Brand:  Heine

HEINE EL3 LED Examination Light

The HEINE EL3 LED Examination Light offers shadow-free illumination and true tissue colour to help you reach a more accurate patient diagnosis at a more efficient speed. Its user-friendly design is perfect for care, hospital and clinical environments, and is supported by its exceptional durability and long-lasting LED light that will continue to work for 30,000 hours.

What's in the Box?

With your HEINE EL3 LED Examination Light Purchase you will receive:

  • 1 x HEINE EL3 Examination Light
  • 1 x User Instructions
  • A choice between wall mounting, table-top mounting and wheeled stand (please select above)

What Is the HEINE EL3 Examination Light For?

The HEINE EL3 Examination Light has been designed with a focus of performance, function and durability. The LED bulb provides bright and consistent illuminance that enables the examination of patients, offering true tissue colour and shadow-free illumination. By ensuring that colour is accurate and that shadows are minimised, it enables the examiner to reach a more accurate diagnosis faster.

Why Is the HEINE EL3 Light So Advanced?

The HEINE EL3 Light is one of the most advanced examination lights on the market, enabling improved accuracy in patient diagnosis by providing practitioners with shadow-free illumination and true tissue colour during examination. Two reasons why it is so advanced include that it has been designed with usability in mind, offering bright illuminance that makes misdiagnosis harder. The LED light has an operating life of up to 30,000 hours, while the flexible goose head offers optimal positioning.

Which Mount Should You Choose?

When you purchase your LED Examination Light you will have a choice between selecting a wall mount, clamp for table-top mounting a wheeled stand, and metal base. We would recommend that the wheeled stand is best for busy hospital environments where you may want to freely move the light from place to place. Alternatively the wall mount is better suited to quieter environments, while the table-top mount is best suited attached to desks and tables for more specialised care.

Wall Mount Clamp for Table-Top Mounting Wheeled Stand and Metal Base
Wall Mount Clamp for Table Top

Wheeled Stand

What Are the Key Specifications of the HEINE EL3 LED Light?

Before purchase it is important to know different specifications that the HEINE EL3 Light will offer. The key specifications include:

  • Type: LED HQ
  • Illumination: 42,000lx / 350 lumen
  • Colour Temperature: 5,000k
  • Colour Rendering Index: 90/100
  • Diameter (light head): 60mm
  • Recommended Working Distance: 30cm
  • Arm Length: 1 Metre
  • Lifespan: 30,000 hours
  • Warranty: Five years

Why Does the EL3 Light Ensure Correct Diagnosis?

The EL3 Examination Light is designed to make your job a little easier, helping to ensure that you make the correct diagnosis faster. It does this through three methods. The first is to ensure colour rendering and colour temperature is as high as possible, which ensures that tissue colour is presented as accurately as possible.

The shadow free illuminance ensures the correct diagnosis
The shadow free illuminance ensures the correct diagnosis

Secondly the shadow-free illuminance reduces the chances of mistakes and increases the level of accuracy, while the flexible arm allows you to place the light in a position of your choosing. This ensures that you can examine your patient with speed and accuracy, helping to put them at ease.

Why Is the HEINE EL3 Examination Light so User-Friendly?

The HEINE EL3 Examination Light is designed to make your job easier, with a head that is designed to stay cool, light that doesn't create a shadow and a lightweight flexible one metre long goose head that means you can cater the light to your specific needs. The touch cool illumination is easy to clean, while the shadow-free, accurate tissue colour diagnosis ensures that you can reach a correct diagnosis faster.

How Do I Use the EL3 LED Examination Light?

To use your light is incredibly simple. Simply plug it into the wall, and press the on/off switch that is located on the light itself. Then you can bend and stretch the one metre arm to a positioning of your choice, enabling catered illuminance that is ideal for examination.

A user instruction sheet is supplied with your purchase. However, you can access an online copy by clicking on the link below.

User Instructions
Instructions on how to use the HEINE Otoscope

Will the HEINE EL3 LED Light Require Maintenance?

HEINE promise that the EL3 Light will never require maintenance, and will continue performing at its best for up to 30,000 hours. The reason why is because it uses durable metals that can withstand knocks and scrapes, while the LED light offers almost a lifetime of use. LED lights are extremely long-lasting, meaning that you will always have peace of mind that your LED Examination Light won't stop working during use.

How Do I Get the Most from My HEINE EL3 Examination Light?

This light offers a little more than simply pressing it on and beginning the examination. You have the option to bend the arm at will, meaning that you can shine the light more brightly during more precise examinations. Furthermore, its lightweight design means that it is extremely easy to move around, which is perfect for moving across a hospital or care facility.

Why Is the HEINE EL3 LED Light so Durable?

The HEINE EL3 LED Light is incredibly durable, partly because it uses metals that can withstand impact, partly because its flexible head enables a high level of versatility and partly because its LED bulb promises to last for over 30,000 hours. All of these combined make it a highly durable product that promises to never require maintenance during use.

How Portable is the HEINE EL3 LED Light?

The actual light itself weighs around 1.8kg, which means it is fairly easy to move from room to room if necessary. As a result it is extremely portable, enabling a high level of catered examination. Should you expect to move the light around a lot, then you can always purchase the light with a wheeled stand that enables you to simply push the light from one room to the next.

Why Will the LED Light Offer Illuminance That Will Not Fade?

The LED Examination Light offers continuous illuminance that will not fade, and this is because of something called LED Thermal Management. LED Thermal Management ensures long-term performance and product stability as heat-diffusing materials in the bulb guarantee consistent quality and performance through the light's lifetime. This means the light will not fade for up to 30,000 hours.

What Materials is the HEINE EL3 Light Designed From?

The HEINE EL3 Light has been designed with durable materials. Its construction includes:

  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Synthetics
  • Brass
  • Silicate glass
  • Aluminium

How Do I Care for My HEINE EL3 Examination Light?

Cleaning your light is extremely easy, especially as the cool-touch light head means that you won't burn your fingers. To clean the device effectively you can do so following these guidelines:

  • Clean and disinfect the EL3 LED manually (wipe clean and wipe disinfect). Recommended agents include:
    • Alcoholic (eg Incides tissues), quaternary ammonium compounds (eg Microbac tissues) or ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA example Cidex)
  • Conditioning residues on optics may be removed using a low-bacterial, dry, micro-fibre cloth.

If you want to, you can store your Examination Light for a significant amount of time. In order to preserve longevity, you should do so in the following conditions:

Environmental Factor Degree
Temperature +5°C to +45°C
Relative Humidity 45% to 80%
Air Pressure 500 hPa to 1060 hPa


  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Dimensions - packaging (HxDxW): 55cm x 44cm x 11cm
  • Product Codes:
    • Wall Mount - J-008.27.011
    • Clamp for Table-Top - J-008.27.013
    • Wheeled Stand - J-008.27.014

Delivery Expectations

The HEINE Examination Light LED EL3 is usually delivered by 24 hour courier. For orders that are placed before 2pm Monday to Friday, your order should usually be dispatched the same day for next working day delivery.

If you have any questions about delivery, please contact our customer care team on 020 7501 0593.

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