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Harvest Evacuation Sledge for Use with Active Mattress

Harvest Evacuation Sledge for Use with Active Mattress
  • Suitable for use with most active mattresses
  • Provides a swift and safe evacuation solution
  • High density foam base for superb support
  • Low-friction base for easy movement




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Brand:  Harvest

Evacuation Sledge for Use with Active Mattress

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 ensures buildings, whatever their purpose, have evacuation plans in place for anyone who may be present in an emergency. This regulation includes those with restricted mobility such as a disability or an injury. For patients who are bed-bound and use an active mattress, this presents an even bigger dilemma. How do you evacuate a patient who needs the constant support of an air mattress?

The Evacuation Sledge for Use with Active Mattress is an ideal solution. The sledge is designed to fit under the majority of active mattresses and has a high density foam base. If an emergency occurs, the mattress can be deflated by opening the CPR valves and the sledge will provide adequate support for the user while they are evacuated.

Safe and Efficient

Since nothing is more important than safety during an emergency, this sledge has been equipped with a number of features to make evacuations safe and simple. Straps to secure the patient are hidden in pockets within the sledge, preventing them from interfering with profiling bed mechanisms. A low friction material is used on the base, making it easier to pull on most surfaces and facilitating a streamlined evacuation.

Continued Pressure Relief

During most evacuation procedures, patients who require the use of a profiling bed must go without pressure relief for an extended period of time. This evacuation sledge is designed to solve this problem, with an integral foam base for continued pressure relief during transfer. This greatly reduces the risk of patients developing pressure injuries due to a long evacuation process.

Features of the Evacuation Sledge for Use with Active Mattress

  • Suitable for most active mattresses
  • High density foam base for continued pressure relief
  • Sledge slides underneath mattress for immediate use
  • Includes safety straps for secure evacuations
  • Straps are hidden in pockets to avoid profiling interference
  • Foam base supports user during transfer
  • Base allows mattress to be deflated during evacuation
  • Straps stored in hidden pockets to prevent damage to mattress
  • Low friction base for easy mattress pulling
  • Suitable for use over most surfaces
  • Ideal for a nursing or care home environment
  • Meets rules and regulations for fire safety
  • Suitable for PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) or GEEP (General Emergency Evacuation Plan)

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