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Finger Dressings with Bandage

Finger Dressings with Bandage
 Style: Flow WrappedStyle: Boxed 
  • Offers greater protection to an injury then a plaster
  • Peelable tap to adhere the end of the bandage in place
  • Comes flow wrapped or boxed, depending on storage requirements
  • Requires minimum purchase of 10 dressings per order
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Brand:  Reliance Medical

Finger Dressings with Bandage

For more significant injuries where a plaster won't do, use the Finger Dressings with Bandage to attend to casualties that pertain to hands and fingers. Made from a low adherent pad as to not aggravate the wound, it is designed to wrap around the finger using the soft attached bandage.

Simple to Use

The finger dressing is designed in such a way that it is possible for the injured person to dress their own finger when tending to a wound, without the assistance of a first aider or medical professional. The low adherent pad is attached to a large, soft bandage roll that wraps around fingers and hands with ease.

Securely Hold Dressings in Place

Each dressing come individually wrapped in strong flow packaging, or boxed depending on your preference. A sterility expiration date is printed on the outside of the pack to ensure that your first aid kit remains well stocked and up to date. A minimum purchase of 10 dressing per order means that you can use them as a handy replacement of your current Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approved materials.

Delivery Information

The Finger Dressings with Bandage are usually dispatched via First Class Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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