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Evolution British Standard-Compliant Complete First Aid Point (Large)

Evolution British Standard-Compliant Complete First Aid Point (Large)
  • Fully-stocked first aid point
  • For any workplace with a  large number of employees
  • With supplies for first aid, eye washing, burns, and biohazards
  • Developed specifically for the UK




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Brand:  Evolution

Evolution British Standard-Compliant Complete First Aid Point (Large)

Workplaces can be dangerous, and accidents happen, despite everyone's best effort. But if they do, the Evolution British Standard-Compliant Complete First Aid Point (Large) will have whatever you need.

What Does the Evolution Complete First Aid Point Include?

  • First Aid Kit
    • 1 x First Aid Guidance Leaflet
    • 6 x HypaCover First Aid Dressings (12 x 12cm)
    • 4 x Hypacover First Aid Dressings (18 x 18cm)
    • 4 x HypaBand Triangular Bandages
    • 4 x Hypacover Eye Dressings
    • 100 x HypaPlast Washproof Plasters
    • 40 x HypaClean Sterile Wipes
    • 3 x HypaGuard Microporous Tapes (2.5cm)
    • 12 x Pairs of HypaTouch Nitrile Gloves
    • 4 x HypaCover Finger Dressings
    • 2 x HypaGuard Face Shield
    • 3 x HypaGuard Foil Blankets
    • 2 x Burn Dressings (10 x 10cm)
    • 1 x Clothing Cutters
    • 2 x HypaBand Conforming Bandage (7.5cm)
  • Eye Wash Kit
    • 2 x HypaClens Eye Wash Bottles (500ml)
    • 2 x HypaCover Eye Dressings
  • Biohazard Kit
    • 2 x HypaClean Absorbent Powder (10g)
    • 2 x HypaClean Disinfectant Cleaner Spray (50ml)
    • 2 x Disinfectant Wiples
    • 2 x Pairs of HypaTouch Disposable Gloves
    • 4 x Non-Woven Cloths
    • 2 x Scrapers and Scoops
    • 2 x Polythene Aprons
    • 2 x Biohazard Disposal Bags
  • Burns Kit
    • 1 x First Aid Guidance Leaflet
    • 2 x Burn Stop Burn Dressings (10 x 10cm)
    • 3 x Burn Stop Gel Sachets (3.5g)
    • 12 x HypaBand Safety Pins
    • 2 x HypaBand Conforming Bandages
    • 2 x Pairs HypaTouch Disposable Gloves
  • Brackets
  • Bracket Labels
  • Photoluminescent Bracket Header

What Kind of Emergencies Can the First Aid Point Help With?

The Evolution Complete First Aid Point carries supplies to tackle any first aid emergency that may occur in the workplace. With the First Aid Point's separate kits for general first aid, biohazards, burns, and eye washing, employers can be sure that their employees are fully prepared for any accident. 

Designed to Be Seen and Used

The First Aid Point includes all the brackets you need to mount it to the wall, plus a photoluminescent header to increase visibility, making it easier to find in an emergency. The hinged plastic cases are durable and detach from the header for transportation to the site of the incident. 

Who is the Evolution First Aid Point For?

The First Aid Point is ideal for workplaces that have a high number of employees. Its range of supplies are useful in numerous situations, particularly those where there is a high risk of burns, biohazards, and eye injuries. 

What Does British Standard-Compliant Mean?

The Evolution First Aid Point is British Standard-Compliant, which means that it is made to a high safety standard and has everything need to make it an effective and visible First Aid Point. This includes:

  • A comprehensive range of first aid supplies
  • Brackets and bracket labels
  • Photoluminescent bracket holder


  • Height: 60cm
  • Width: 65cm

Delivery Expectations

Please note the standard delivery expectation for Safety First Aid products is 3 - 5 days from confirmation of order. Please take this into account when placing an order. 

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