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Disposable BariSling Bariatric Sling (Pack of 2)

Disposable BariSling Bariatric Sling (Pack of 2)
 Disposable BariSling Bariatric Sling (Pack of 2)Disposable BariSling Bariatric Sling (Pack of 2) 
  • Pack of 2 lifting slings for patients weighing between 200 - 450kg
  • High back so that user is supported from under legs to shoulders
  • Helps prevent the spread of multi-resistant and infectious bacteria
  • Made from strong, non-woven material designed for single-use


Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Disposable BariSling Bariatric Sling (Pack of 2)

The Disposable BariSling Bariatric Sling (Pack of 2) is a lifting aid that safely enables the comfortable lifting and transfer of patients weighing over 200kg. Made from a durable, non-woven material, the sling can be used in combination with both mobile and stationary lifts with a four-point sling bar. The disposable nature of the BariSling helps fight against the spread of multi-resistant and other types of infectious bacteria.

Sling for Heavier Users

The BariSling is a functional lifting accessory that has been created to lift users weighing over 200kg. It provides support all the way from the hollow of the knees up to the shoulders. The design makes the patient feel comfortable and secure as they are being lifted.

Features of the Disposable BariSling Sling

  • Pack of two disposable slings
  • Special model designed for heavier patients
  • Capable of lifting patients between 200 - 450kg
  • Easy for the caregiver to apply and remove
  • High back so the user is supported from the hollows of the knees up to the shoulders
  • Single-use to prevent the spread of infectious bacteria

Preventing the Spread of Bacteria

The Disposable BariSling is made of a sturdy, durable non-woven material that is designed for single-use in hospital environments. Instead of laundering, the lifting sling is discarded after use, when it becomes soiled or when the user no longer needs it.

The one-use nature of the sling prevents the spread of multi-resistant and other types of infectious bacteria, which is especially important in hospitals and clinics, where hygiene is kept to a high standard. This also makes the sling suitable for users who only need it in the short-term.

Recommended User Weight

Different products on the same lift system (lift unit, sling bar, scales and other lifting accessories) may have different allowable safe working loads. The lowest allowable safe working load always determines the safe working load of an assembled system. The Disposable BariSling has been created to handle weight between 200 - 450kg.

Colour of the sling may vary from the image displayed.

Delivery Information

Please note that this item is delivered by courier, and it is expected to arrive within one to three working days. This may be subject to change depending on your location in the UK.

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