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DeVilbiss VacuAide Gelling Disposable Liners by Flovac

DeVilbiss VacuAide Gelling Disposable Liners by Flovac
  • Single-use medical suction liner system with gelling sachets
  • For use with the VacuAide 7305 or 7314 suction units
  • Thickens fluid to further minimise the risk of spillage or infection
  • Also available in a Standard Unit, without gelling sachets


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In stock now

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Brand:  DeVilbiss

DeVilbiss VacuAide Autoclavable Jar for Flovac LinersDeVilbiss VacuAide Autoclavable Jar for Flovac Liners

DeVilbiss VacuAide Gelling Disposable Liners by Flovac

The DeVilbiss VacuAide Gelling Disposable Liners by Flovac are a liner system designed to improve upon the hygiene of medical suction, and by extension the safety of its operators and patients. It is compatible with both the DeVilbiss VacuAide 7305 Portable Suction Machine and the DeVilbiss VacuAide 7314 Quiet Suction Unit.

Please note that some necessary parts are sold separately.

What Are the Key Benefits of Using the Flovac Liner System?

The DeVilbiss VacuAide Disposable Liner System by Flovac improves upon hygiene and infection control by using fully sealed liners which are very unlikely to spill or leak. It facilitates the safe and easy operation of medical suction systems by enabling potentially infected materials to be suctioned, collected, transported, handled and disposed of whilst reducing the risks to the carer and/or operator.

What Are the Benefits of This Gelling Version?

The gelling kit adds further safety protection to the operator in charge of cleaning, handling, transporting and disposing of potentially infected materials, by reducing the risk of spills or splashes. It uses an absorbing powder that transforms liquids into a semi solid mass, preventing risks of accidental leakage. An aromatic additive helps to obscure odour during and after the suction procedure.

Features of the DeVilbiss VacuAide Gelling Disposable Liners

To maximise hygiene, safety and convenience these liners come with the following features:

  • Hermetically sealed container – contributes to improved infection control and facilitates the safe and hygienic collection of fluids.
  • Integrated hydrophobic bacteria filter – helps to prevent overflow and bacteria from escaping the container and is supplied fresh with each new liner
  • Internal gelling sachets – convert fluid into a thicker gel to prevent splashing or spillage
  • Gentle aromatic compound – obscures the smell of effluent during and after suction
  • Colour coordinated connectors and clearly marked labels – eliminate the risk of incorrect setup
  • Single patient use – maintains hygiene without the need for difficult and expensive sterilisation procedures
  • Benefits both practitioner and patient – reduces the risks to carers and operators of suction machines, as well as preventing contamination between patients
  • One meter fall integrity – helps to stop small accidents form becoming bigger problems
  • Fully disposable – for ease of use and unparalleled levels of hygiene

How Do the Gelling Sachets Work?

The gelling sachets are small sachets supplied inside each hermetically sealed gelling liner which react with the fluid captured by the suction machine and thicken it into a gel. This happens automatically and requires no intervention from an operator.

Do I Need Anything Else?

To make the Flovac liners fully compatible with VacuAide suction machines there are some necessary components, which are sold separately:

Are There Any Multi-Buy Options Available?

For the best value possible, we've put together bundle of everything you need to operate Flovac liners with your DeVilbiss suction machines. This option comes with fifty of everything you need, and is available for both standard and gelling liners:

What Is the Capacity of a Flovac Disposable Liner?

Each VacuAide Disposable Liner has a one-litre capacity. This makes it ideal for use with the one litre DeVilbiss Autoclavable Jar.

How Does This Liner System Work?

This liner system consists of individual liners designed for single patient use. Each liner is hermetically sealed; this increases infection control and reduces the risk of contamination, allowing the user to safely collect potentially infected material. It can then be safely suctioned, collected, transported, handled and disposed of whilst reducing risks to the carer and operator.

A built in hydrophobic filter is fixed to the lid of the liner. As soon as liquid touches the filter, due to reaching the maximum one litre capacity of the liner, the filter will stop suction ensuring that overflow does not take place. Since the filter is integral to the sealed liner, it is automatically replaced with each new liner, for the very highest standards in hygiene.

Which Devices Are Compatible with the Flovac Disposable Liners?

We sell two suction machines which are compatible with these liners, both manufactured by DeVilbiss:

  1. The DeVilbiss VacuAide 7305 Portable Suction Machine
  2. The DeVilbiss VacuAide 7314 Quiet Suction Unit

The grey and blue models
DeVilbiss VacuAide 7305 Portable Suction Unit (Grey) and DeVilbiss VacuAide 7314 Quiet Suction Unit (Blue)

What Are the Key Differences Between the DeVilbiss VacuAide 7305 and 7314?

The grey (7305) and blue (7314) models of VacuAide are of similar weights, sizes and have the same maximum level of suction, but they vary significantly in other factors. The blue model operates much more quietly than the grey model, features a more precise pressure gauge and dial and can drop down to 50mmHg suction – allowing it to be used in neonatal application. The blue unit also comes with a more discrete bag, which allows it to be operated in public without the need to take out the device.

Is There an Alternative to the Gelling Liners?

If you do not require the gelling utility of these liners there is a second option. The DeVilbiss VacuAide Standard Disposable Liners by Flovac are a more economical option which do not feature a gelling capacity.

Both models – standard and gelling – feature the same basic infection control mechanisms; gelling only changes the stability of the fluid. The gelling process does not affect liner capacity.

Is the Flovac Liner System for Single Patient Use?

The Flovac liner itself, the 26cm tubing and the yellow male inline connector are all single patient use items. However, the canister jar that holds the liner is reusable and can be used with multiple patients. This external jar can be autoclaved at 121ºC for 15 minutes, for 30 cycles.

Do I Need to Change Filters?

The hydrophobic filter is built into the liner, so there is no need to change the filter. The liner should be thrown away when it becomes full or between patients.

How Do I Dispose of the Liners?

Once used these liners need to be kept sealed and then be disposed of. They can be disposed of using your hospital or clinic's standard medical waste disposal procedures. Between collection and disposal the fluid should be kept sealed in its liner – this is made easier by the internal gelling sachets in this version of the system.

This Item Is Not Returnable On Grounds Of Hygiene

Please note, Medical Supplies is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason this item is non-refundable and non-returnable if unsuitable or unwanted on grounds of hygiene.

If you have any questions regarding this returns policy, please contact our Medical Supplies Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 for further details.

Delivery Information

The DeVilbiss VacuAide Gelling Disposable Liners by Flovac are usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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