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Deluxe Bed Positioning Wedge

Deluxe Bed Positioning Wedge
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  • Deluxe supportive wedge pillow for positioning patients
  • Ideal for use in care homes and hospitals
  • Provides back and side support in bed
  • Anti-slip properties for secure use
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Deluxe Bed Positioning Wedge

The Deluxe Bed Positioning Wedge is a sturdy pillow that provides back and side support for patients when they are lying in bed. Designed with the help of pressure care specialists, the wedge offers three different angles of support to ensure patients can rest against it comfortably and safely.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Deluxe Bed Wedge

The Deluxe Bed Wedge is available in a choice of sizes. Please see below for more information.

Which Bed Wedge Size Do I Need?

The Deluxe Bed Wedge is available in a choice of three sizes to ensure that your patient can be as comfortable as possible when lying or sitting up in bed. The sizes are as follows:

Small Bed Wedge

  • The small bed wedge is designed for children and small adults
  • Ideal for side-line positioning
  • Features an acute 50°/60°/70° angle
  • Suitable for helping the user to push themselves up in bed
  • Overall Dimensions (HxLxB): 18 x 30.5 x 18cm

Medium Bed Wedge

  • The medium bed wedge is designed for adults of average build and height
  • Ideal for side-line positioning
  • Features a 50°/60°/70​° angle
  • Offers good support for users sat on the edge of the bed
  • Overall Dimensions (HxLxB): 26.5 x 54 x 25cm

Large Bed Wedge

  • The large bed wedge is designed for larger adults
  • Ideal for side-line positioning
  • Features a 50°/60°/70° angle
  • Helps to prevent users from falling backwards when getting into bed
  • Overall Dimensions (HxLxB): 30.5 x 64 x 29cm

Who Can Benefit from the Bed Positioning Wedge?

Made to provide support for patients when lying in bed, the Deluxe Bed Positioning Wedge is ideal for those taking extended bed rest, especially if they have difficulty moving in bed on their own. The wedge can be used to prop them in a comfortable position and alleviate any points of pressure.

Where Can This Bed Wedge Be Used?

Offering security and comfort, this bed wedge can improve patient comfort in virtually any care setting. Examples of environments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Home care
  • Hospitals
  • Community nursing
  • Hospices
  • Nursing homes/care homes

Can I Clean the Bed Positioning Wedge?

The exterior of the wedge is made from a non-permeable material that can be unzipped and wiped clean whenever necessary. This means it will be easy to keep the wedge fresh, clean and hygienic even if it becomes dirtied by food or if the patient suffers from incontinence, while also helping to protect the foam interior for improved longevity.

Zippable Cover For The Deluxe Bed Positioning Wedge

How Safe Is the Bed Positioning Wedge?

The Bed Positioning Wedge was developed with the help of pressure-care experts to create a highly safe and supportive positioning aid. It offers three different angles for bolstering the patient in a way that is both comfortable and good for their posture, and has non-slip properties so the patient can lean against is safely.

Can the Bed Wedge Prevent Pressure Sores?

While the Deluxe Bed Wedge isn't designed specifically to help to combat or reduce pressure sores, it allows the patient to be positioned in a way that can help to reduce pressure on specific areas of the body. This in turn can help to reduce the risk of pressure sores from developing. Please see our Pressure Relief category for products designed specifically for pressure sores.

Great for Pairing with Sliding Aids

This bed wedge can be paired with a sliding aid sheet like the SIBA Satin Sliding Sheets or the Flexicare 4-Way Systems to move the patient into position before placing the wedge. This combination is ideal for patients who struggle to turn or adjust themselves in bed without carer assistance.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Supportive bed wedge for patient positioning
  • Offers three different angles for optimum comfort
  • Anti-slip properties enhance patient security
  • Durable design is sure to last through multiple uses
  • Non-permeable foam material is super easy to clean
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