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Darco Paediatric Cast Boot (Multicoloured)

Darco Paediatric Cast Boot (Multicoloured)
  • Can be used with different cast and dressing types
  • Can be worn on either the right or left foot
  • Cheerful multicoloured design for children
  • Protects the cast from wear and tear
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Brand:  Darco

Darco Paediatric Cast Boot (Multicoloured)

When your child has recently suffered from a foot injury and they have a fibreglass or zinc cast, or a tape and wound dressing, the cast or bandage can become dirty easily. The Darco Paediatric Cast Boot (Multicoloured) helps protect the cast or bandage from becoming dirty.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Can be used over a fibreglass or zinc cast
  • Can also be used over tape and wound dressings
  • Available in two sizes (Extra Small or Small)
  • Multicoloured design uplifting for your child
  • Protects casts and dressings from wear and tear
  • Ergonomically designed to facilitate a correct walking pattern
  • Friendly rounded sole profile
  • Can be worn on the right or left foot
  • Optimises child's gait physiologically with its rounded sole

Cheerful Cast Boot

When your child has recently been injured or has undergone surgery, the last thing you want them to do is be reminded of their injury. The Paediatric Cast Boot has a cheerful design for children that not only protects their cast or bandage from becoming dirty, but also helps keep them feeling upbeat.

Optimises Your Child's Gait

Darco's Cast Boot optimises your child's gait physiologically by using a rounded sole. Plus, with its innovative, adjustable design, the boot can be used with a number of different casts and dressings:

  1. Fibreglass casts
  2. Zinc casts
  3. Tape dressings
  4. Wound dressings

Sizing of the Paediatric Boot

The Cast Boot is available in two different sizes:

Boot Size UK Children's Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Extra Small Up to Children's Size 4 Up to EU Size 20
Small Children's Size 4.5 - 5 EU Size 21 - 22
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