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Daray X700 LED Medical Examination Light

Daray X700 LED Medical Examination Light
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  • Versatile, powerful medical LED examination light
  • Ideal for carrying out most clinical procedures
  • Features a light intensity of 80,000 Lux at 0.5m
  • Available in three different mounting options 
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Brand:  Daray

Daray X700 LED Medical Examination Light

The Daray X700 LED Medical Examination Light is a powerful, flexible and compact medical examination light which features variable brightness and temperature for specific diagnostics. With a wide range of mounting options available, this is an exceptionally versatile lighting solution which is reliably effective and easy to operate.

Daray Medical Lighting

What Are the Benefits of the Daray X700 LED Medical Examination Light?

For its compact size, the X700 is a very bright examination light which does not sacrifice ease of use. Its variable brightness allows for appropriate lighting in almost all clinical examinations.  The ability to define colour temperature is unique – even among Daray lighting – and offers exceptionally fine optical control for examinations.

How Do I Use the Daray X700 LED Examination Light?

There is a single switch and intensity adjuster located beside the head which can be used to quickly turn on, adjust or turn off the light. When in use it can be adjusted with a single hand, and the BioProtect coating and easy wipe-down construction help to prevent any risk of cross-contamination.

Just How Flexible Is This Examination Light?

This examination light comes with an 80cm flexible gooseneck, which has a base that can be rotated 180º to allow for excellent levels of flexibility. Not only is this light easy to manipulate, it's also sturdy once left in place so you don't have to constantly fiddle with lamp positioning. On top of this, the lamp-head itself comes with an easy-to-manoeuvre handle and its own 320º rotation axis. 

What Are the Features of the Daray X700 LED Examination Light?

  • Brilliant illumination – reaches up to 80,000 Lux for clear tissue colour
  • Adjustable intensity – can be moved between 25% and 100% for bespoke lighting
  • Flexible gooseneck – allows the lamp head to be moved easily and holds it in place once released
  • Variable colour temperature – facilitates excellent colour rendering control for the most clear inspection possible
  • Extremely cool running – with less than a 2ºC temperature increase at the bulb, guards against discomfort for patient and practitioner
  • Energy efficient – saves you money while saving the environment
  • Fully recyclable – further prevents environmental consequences after disposal
  • Free from harmful chemicals – including mercury, lead or CFCs
  • Even intensity over a large area – results in intuitive use and prevents distortion from occurring outside the centre of illumination
  • BioProtect – anti-microbial coating helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination

How Bright Is the Illumination?

This four LED light is able to achieve an impressive 80,000 Lux illumination at 0.5m. It can be adjusted between 25% and 100% of this brightness to achieve bespoke levels of brightness during examinations. Both colour and intensity functions are easily operated from a panel on the side of the lamp-head.

Which Model Options Are Available?

There are three different mounting options available for the X700 LED Examination Light:

  • Wall Mount (X700LW) – depending on the space in which you are working, a wall mount can offer the perfect mounting solution. It doesn't clutter the floor, and has an impressive reach allowing for versatile use. It is ideal when you know the illumination you will need is beside a fixed wall location.
  • Mobile Mount (X700LM) – the mobile mount offers more versatility than the other models available. Since it can be wheeled, its impressive illumination can be taken to wherever you need it. There is a trade-off, however, since this model will occupy floor space and cause slightly more clutter than the other models.
  • Desk Clamp (X700LD) – this desk clamp offers a secure fixture for your examination lamp by using a standard hand operated desk clamp. It is quick and easy to move this clamp when necessary, but it still takes up a fairly minimal amount of space.
  • Desk Stand (X700LDS) – for easy movement this mounting option allows your examination lamp to function as a normal desk lamp, with a weighted base to hold it upright. This is a convenient option which is easy to relocate, but which takes up more desk space than the other desk mounted options. It has the added benefit of never requiring installation.
  • Fixed Desk Mount (X700LFDM) – if you know exactly where your medical lighting will be needed, the fixed desk stand is a compact and clutter-free option that offers an exceptionally firm and reliable connection to your desk. It requires more installation than the other desk options, but by design is only likely to be installed once.
  • Rail Clamp (X700LD) – this mounting option requires an XRAIL light rail (sold separately), but offers a unique combination of some of the benefits of the mobile and fixed mounting options. It offers the compact security of a wall mount without the rigidity. Not only can your lighting be moved along a rail but between rails, allowing you to react dynamically to changing clinical environments.

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What Colour Is the Light?

This LED light features variable colour intensity. It can be set anywhere between 3,600K – which is towards the yellow end of white – and 5000K – towards the blue end. Even more than other Daray lighting, this feature allows you to achieve the clear, undistorted realisation of tissue colour.

Will I Need to Change LED Bulb?

The LED technology used in this lamp is exceptionally durable and should last the whole lifespan of the lamp. It should give you upwards of 40,000 hours of continuous use – the equivalent of over 20 years standard clinical use!

Does This Lamp Get Hot?

One of the main benefits of LEDs over halogen bulbs is that they hardly heat up during operation – in this case by less than 2ºC. This means you can maximise the comfort of both patient and practitioner during examinations and clinical procedures.

What Is BioProtect?

BioProtect is an anti-microbial coating which is included with this examination light. By reducing the potential for microbes to propagate it reduces the risk of cross-contamination and assists in infection control. 

Is This an Environmentally Friendly Device?

By minimising power consumption, the Daray X700 LED Medical Examination Light helps to reduce environmental impact and your power bill. More uniquely among LED lighting, this is a fully recyclable product, which means you can offset ecological damage even beyond the end of its long lifespan.

What Are the Dimensions of the Light?

Dimensions for this LED light are as follows:

Wall Mounted

Daray X700 LED Medical Examination Light

Mobile Stand

Daray X700 LED Medical Examination Light

Are There Any Other Models of Daray Lighting Available?

We offer a wide selection of exceptional quality Daray Medical Lighting. To find out more please take a look at our Daray Medical Lighting category.

Does This Light Come with a Warranty?

Yes! Daray offer a five year warranty on their X700 LED lighting. This allows you to make a purchase confident that you will receive high-quality, long-lasting medical standard lighting. 

Technical Specifications

  • Light source: LED
  • Number of LEDs: 4
  • Light intensity: 80,000 Lux ±5% at 0.5m, 40,000 Lux ±5% at 0.75m, 20,000 Lux ±5% at 1m
  • Light intensity adjustment range: 25% – 100%
  • Colour temperature: 3600K – 5000K (±500K)
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): 95
  • Colour rendering (R9): 95
  • Light field diameter (D50): 60mm at 0.5m, 90mm at 0.75m, 120mm at 1m
  • Light field diameter (D10): 110mm at 0.5m, 150mm at 0.75m, 200mm at 1m
  • Power consumption: 16W, 0.14A
  • Avg. lifespan: >40,000 hours
  • Input supply rating: 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Output supply rating: 12V DC, 1A
  • Temperature rise: ≤2°C


This lighting has been manufactured in accordance with the following standards:

  • EN ISO 13485
  • EN ISO 14971
  • EN ISO 9001
  • EN 60601-1
  • EN 60601-1-2
  • EN 60601-2-41
  • EN 60601-1-6
  • EN 1041
  • EN 60598-2-25
  • 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive

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