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Daray X350 LED Gynaecology Examination Light

Daray X350 LED Gynaecology Examination Light
Daray X350 LED Gynaecology Examination LightDaray X350 LED Gynaecology Examination LightDaray X350 LED Gynaecology Examination Light
  • Powerful and versatile medical lighting
  • Designed specifically for gynaecological use
  • LED lamp is both efficient and cool running
  • Stand is flexible and easily manipulated




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Brand:  Daray

Daray X350 LED Gynaecological Examination Light

The Daray X350 LED Gynaecological Examination Light is an exceptionally manoeuvrable medical LED light, supplied on a telescopic mobile stand and flexible "gooseneck". Its versatile design allows it to apply exceptionally bright illumination from both high and low angles, for comprehensive gynaecological examination.

Daray Medical Lighting

What Are the Benefits of the Darray X350 LED Gynaecological Examination Light?

Specifically designed for gynaecological examinations, the Daray X350 LED Gynaecological Examination Light is fitted to a mobile stand so it can be quickly moved whenever needed. It features a long gooseneck design, which allows you to quickly reach desired angles, and it holds position firmly once left in place. Its brilliant 120,000 Lux illumination displays tissue colour clearly and is more than enough to carry out accurate examinations.

What Are the Features of the Daray X350 LED Flexible Gynaecological Examination Light?

For the most effective and professional gynaecological inspection this light includes the following features:

  • Brilliant illumination – reaching up to 120,000 Lux for clear tissue colour realisation
  • Flexible gooseneck – offers an exceptional manoeuvrable range for the lamp-head
  • Four-caster mobile stand – allows the lighting to be moved to where you need it
  • Two locking castors – help to keep the light-source firmly in place when necessary
  • Telescopic neck – doubles the utility of the light, allowing it to achieve both high and low angles
  • Adjustable intensity – can be moved between 5% and 100% for bespoke lighting
  • Cool colour temperature – facilitates excellent colour rendering and clarity
  • Extremely cool running – with less than a 2ºC temperature increase at the bulb, guards against discomfort for patient and practitioner
  • Energy efficient LEDs – save you money while saving the environment
  • Fully recyclable – further prevents environmental consequences after disposal
  • Free from harmful chemicals – including mercury, lead or CFCs
  • Even intensity over a large area – results in intuitive use and prevents distortion from occurring outside the centre of illumination
  • BioProtect – antimicrobial coating helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination

How Is This Lighting Specialised for Gynaecological Inspection?

To achieve the varied angles necessary for gynaecological examination, this light features both an extendable telescopic base and a gooseneck design. As well as being exceptionally bright, its LED output is also cool, so as to maintain the comfort of the patient. Two of the four casters are locking to ensure a completely stationary light-source once left in place.

How Bright Is the Illumination?

This gynaecological examination light achieves exceptional brightness. It outputs 120,000 Lux light intensity at 0.5m distance, which is double what comparable older models were able to achieve.

What Colour Is the Light?

This LED light achieves a cool light colour temperature of approximately 4300K. This is just towards the blue end of the spectrum and guarantees a clear, undistorted realisation of tissue colour.

How Convenient Is the Mobile Stand?

With its firm, four-caster base and telescopic neck, this stand adds a significant degree of utility to your gynaecological examination light. It can be moved to wherever you need it, and the telescopic neck allows the light to achieve both high and low angles for comprehensive examination.

Will I Need to Change the LED Bulb?

The LED technology used in this lamp is exceptionally durable and should last the whole lifespan of the lamp. It should give you upwards of 50,000 hours of continuous use.

Does This Lamp Get Hot?

One of the main benefits of LEDs over halogen bulbs is that they hardly heat up during operation – in this case by less than 2ºC. This means you can maximise the comfort of both patient and practitioner during examinations.

What Is BioProtect?

BioProtect is an antimicrobial coating that is included with this examination light. By reducing the potential for microbes to propagate it reduces the risk of cross-contamination and assists in infection control. 

Is This an Environmentally Friendly Device?

By minimising power consumption, the Daray X350 LED Gynaecological Examination Light helps to reduce the impact on both the environment and your power bill. More uniquely among LED lighting, this is a fully recyclable product, which means you can offset ecological damage even beyond the end of its long lifespan.

What Are the Dimensions of the X350 Gynaecological Examination Light?

For accurate dimensions of this medical lighting please consult the diagram below (all measurements in millimetres):

Are There Any Other Models of Daray Lighting Available?

We offer a wide selection of exceptional-quality Daray medical lighting. To find out more please take a look at our Daray Medical Lighting category.

Is There A Warranty On This Product?

Daray manufacture the X350 Gynaecological Examination Light with a five-year warranty. This means you can make a purchase confident in the long-term performance of your device.

Technical Specification

  • Light source: LED
  • Light intensity: 120,000 Lux ±5% at 0.5m, 64,000 Lux ±5% at 0.75m, 40,000 Lux ±5% at 1m
  • Light intensity adjustment range: 5 – 100%
  • Colour temperature: 4300K ±500
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): 95
  • Colour rendering (R9): 88
  • Light field diameter (D50): 75mm at 0.5m, 100mm at 0.75mm, 125mm at 1m
  • Light field diameter (D10): 170mm at 0.5m, 200mm at 0.75m, 125mm at 1m
  • Number of LEDs: 7
  • Power consumption: 16W, 0.19A
  • Avg. lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage: 30V DC, 1A
  • Temperature rise on patient: ≤2°C

Conformity Information

This medical lighting has been manufactured in accordance with the following standards:

  • EN ISO 13485:2012
  • EN ISO 14971:2007
  • EN ISO 9001:2008
  • EN 60601-1
  • EN 60601-1-2
  • EN 60601-1-4
  • EN 60601-2-41:2009
  • EN 1041:2008
  • EN 606098

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