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Daray Professional LED Magnifying Light

Daray Professional LED Magnifying Light
Daray Professional LED Magnifying LightDaray Professional LED Magnifying LightDaray Professional LED Magnifying LightDaray Professional LED Magnifying Light
  • Professional-quality magnifying light
  • Ideal for specialist clinical use and examination
  • Available with three different magnifications
  • Alongside a choice of three mounting options
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Brand:  Daray

Daray Professional LED Magnifying Light

The Daray Professional LED Magnifying Light is a large circular magnifying glass surrounded by a ring of LED lamps, which produces a clear, magnified image for precise diagnostics and procedures. Available in three different magnifications for a wide set of applications, and with three different mounting options, this is a truly versatile medical lighting solution.

Daray Medical Lighting

What Are the Benefits of the Daray Professional LED Magnifying Light?

This specialist light-source has been custom designed for examinations and procedures requiring both clarity and magnification. The cool light offers exceptional tissue clarity while the 125mm diameter lens produces an enlarged image of the desired area. With a three year warranty, you can be confident that this is a product which will last.

How Do I Use This Magnifying Lens?

Complete with a suite of intuitive features, the Daray Professional LED Magnifying Light is exceptionally easy to use. To access its magnification, you simply have to raise the lens cover off of the lens and turn on the adjacent power switch. The position of the lens can be manipulated by hand, and will hold its place once left.

What Are the Features of the Daray Professional LED Magnifying Light?

For the highest-quality, reliable medical magnification, this magnifying light comes complete with the following features:

  • LED technology – offers brilliant illumination with low power requirements, shaving costs from your power bill and helping reduce environmental impact
  • High quality construction – guarantees the longest possible lifespan
  • Slim design – minimises clutter and results in a smart, professional aesthetic
  • Available in different magnifications – 3, 6 and 12 dioptre models (see guide further down this page)
  • Long reach – of 80cm helps get your magnification to the exact location you need it
  • Fully enclosed spring balanced arm – is not only flexible and stable, but also protects against fingers getting caught in the mechanism
  • Easy wipe down surface – helps to reduce risk of cross-contamination
  • Available in three mounting options – wall mounted, on a desk clamp or on a mobile stand
  • Includes a lens cover – to protect the lens from damage while it is not in use

How Bright Is the Illumination From This Light?

With a total of 80 LED lamps surrounding the magnifying glass, this lamp produces brilliant illumination. In tandem with the magnifying glass itself, the LED lighting results in a clear, enlarged image, though which you can achieve greater precision in diagnosis or clinical procedures.

How Easy Is This Light to Position?

The spring balanced arms included with all models of the Daray Professional LED Magnifying Light offer an impressive degree of manoeuvrability and have a reach of 80cm. Despite being easy to move around, the arm is not loose, and will stay in place when left so you can keep both your hands where you need them and count on a consistent, still image through the magnifying lens.

Which Magnification Options Are Available?

This magnifying light is available in three different dioptres to suit your needs:

  • Three dioptre – equivalent to 1.75x magnification
  • Six dioptre – equivalent to 2.5x magnification
  • Twelve dioptre – equivalent to 4x magnification

You will want to select your level of magnification carefully based off your clinical needs. Once you have chosen, please select from the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

What Is a Dioptre?

A dioptre is a unit used in the description of magnifying lenses. It actually refers to the curvature of the lens, with a higher value signifying a greater degree of curvature and hence a greater degree of magnification. It is not a direct measure of magnification, but of refractive capacity.

Still, each dioptre value corresponds directly to a value of magnification. The following table can be used as an approximate guide to the magnification offered by each dioptre:

Dioptre Magnification level
2 1.5x
3 1.75x
4 2x
5 2.25x
6 2.5x
7 2.75x
8 3x
9 3.25x
10 3.5x
11 3.75x
12 4x

Which Mounting Options Are Available?

To help you get the most out of your magnifying light, the following mounting options available:

  • Wall mount – creates a firm hold for your magnifying light at a fixed point on the wall. This is an excellent, reliable option if you can limit your use of the magnifying light to an area near the fixing. While the light does feature an impressive 80cm reach, the wall mount cannot be as easily repositioned as the other options.
  • Desk clamp – fixes to a desk or hard surface using a standard hand-operated desk clamp. This option gives good versatility, and is much easier to move than the wall mount – albeit slightly less secure. It is particularly useful if you need the light to be beside a table or desk which is away from the wall, but want to avoid the additional clutter of a mobile stand.
  • Mobile stand – offers quick movement for contexts where you need magnification away from a single desk or wall.  The mobile stand comes with a five meter, high-visibility cable to give you the maximum freedom and reduce the risk of forming a trip-hazard. In order to maintain balance, however, this option has a slightly reduced range of movement compared to others.

Please select your preference of these options from the drop-down menu at the top of the page before purchasing.

Are There Any Other Models of Daray Lighting Available?

We offer a wide selection of exceptional quality Daray Medical Lighting. To find out more please take a look at our Daray Medical Lighting category.

Does This Magnifying Lamp Come with a Warranty?

Daray guarantee a three year warranty on this product. This means you can be confident in its long-lasting high-quality performance before you make a purchase.

Technical Specifications

  • Light source: LED
  • Number of LEDs: 80
  • Avg. lifespan: >25,000 hours
  • Light head diameter: 200mm
  • Lens diameter: 125mm
  • Magnification: 3 dioptre, 6 dioptre or 12 dioptre (select from the drop-down menu)
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage: 24V DC, 1A

This item is usually delivered within 3 - 4 weeks to UK mainland addresses.

If you have any questions about the delivery of this item, please call our customer care team at 020 7501 0593. They would be happy to help with your query.

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