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Bollé NINKA Eye Shield Disposable Lenses (Case of 200)

Bollé NINKA Eye Shield Disposable Lenses (Case of 200)
 Bollé NINKA Eye Shield Disposable Lenses (Case of 200)Bollé NINKA Eye Shield Disposable Lenses (Case of 200) 
  • For a protective barrier in face-to-face interactions
  • Case of 200 disposable lenses for use with frames
  • Easy-peel plastic coating removes any thumb prints
  • Clear view through lenses works with prescriptions


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Brand:  Bolle

Bollé NINKA Eye Shield Disposable lenses (Case of 200)

The Bollé NINKA Eye Shield Disposable Lenses (Case of 200) are designed to be used with the Bollé NINKA Eye Shield Disposable Frames in order to construct a reliable eye shield that provides exceptional protection against liquids, drops and spray that could spread bacteria in close physical interactions. These clear lenses work with prescription glasses.

What's Included?

  • 200 x NINKA Disposable Lenses

Key Features

  • Easy to assemble into a hygienic, protective eye shield by clipping onto NINKA frames
  • Once simply clipped onto the frame the lenses provide great coverage and stay securely in place
  • The peelable protective film will remove any finger marks that may have accrued during assembly
  • With clear vision through the lenses, these are compatible with the majority of prescription glasses
  • Works with the NINKA frames to form a protective eye shield against liquids, droplets and splashes

Certification of the Bollé NINKA Disposable Lenses

These disposable lenses have been tested to meet the European Standard and have a CE marking. As the Bollé NINKA Disposable Lenses are intended for protection against liquids only, they have not been tested against other EN standards.

Assemble Into an Eye Shield

When combined with the Bollé NINKA Eye Shield Disposable Frames these frames form a protective and disposable eye shield designed to protect healthcare workers. These frames are ideal for face-to-face encounters with patients, where being in close contact increases the risk of bacteria being shared and spreading infections.

Simple Assembly

These single-use lenses have 5 holes that correspond with 5 tabs on the NINKA frames so they can clip into place with ease and stay securely attached once assembled. The lens curves ergonomically around the frame to give you protection against splashes and drops that come from the side of the eye shield.

Clarity of Vision

Thanks to an easy-peel plastic film on both sides of the lens, these lenses will keep their clarity until the moment of use. Any fingerprints or dirt that they have picked up before being worn will simply be removed with the film so your eyes can be protected while your vision is completely unobstructed. 

Technical Specifications

  • Lens Marking: CE
  • Lens Colour: Clear
  • Lens Material: Polyester
  • Lens Dimensions: 68 x 233mm


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