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Bollé NINKA Disposable Medical Goggles Pack (50 Frames and 200 Lenses)

Bollé NINKA Disposable Medical Goggles Pack (50 Frames and 200 Lenses)
 Bollé NINKA Disposable Medical Goggles Pack (50 Frames and 200 Lenses)Bollé NINKA Disposable Medical Goggles Pack (50 Frames and 200 Lenses) 
  • Eye shield bundle of 200 lenses and 50 frames 
  • Easy assembly process for disposable protection
  • Prevent liquids and droplets entering your eye 
  • Designed to work with prescription glasses 


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Brand:  Bollé

Bollé Ninka Disposable Medical Goggles Pack (200 Lenses and 50 Frames)

Combining Bollé NINKA disposable frames and lenses, the Bollé NINKA Disposable Medical Goggles Pack (200 Lenses and 50 Frames) allows you to make 200 pairs of disposable protective eye shields perfect for healthcare workers who frequently work in close physical proximity with patients. These clear lenses and ergonomic frames have been designed for protection from liquids, drops and spray that could spread bacterial infections.

What's Included?

  • 200 x NINKA Disposable Lenses
  • 50 x NINKA Disposable Frames

The Disposable Medical Goggles Pack

The NINKA frames and lenses are designed to work together for easy assembly and exceptional protection from liquids and sprays in close physical interactions. The single-use lenses have five holes that pair with five tabs on the frame to simply clip together and provide immediate protection for healthcare professionals, preventing the spread of bacteria. This bundle pack is designed to guarantee that you will have single use eye protection on hand and ready for patient interactions.

Bolle Ninka Glasses Assembled

Key Features

  • Ergonomic temples use an indented tipgrip to keep frames securely in place
  • Flat, tipgrip design avoids uncomfortable pressure points for long-term wear
  • Easy to assemble with lenses simply clipping onto the frames corresponding tabs 
  • Frame has upper brow protection to prevent droplets reaching you from above
  • Worn over the glasses to be compatible with the majority of prescription glasses
  • Peelable protective film stops any finger marks from affecting clarity of vision
  • Protective barrier against liquids, droplets and splashes to reduce infections

Size Chart for the Dimensions of NINKA Eye Shield

Certification of the Bollé NINKA Disposable Lenses

These protective eye shields have been tested to meet the European Standard and have a CE marking. As the Bollé NINKA Disposable Frames and Bollé NINKA Disposable Lenses are intended for protection against liquids only they have not been tested against other EN standards.

Simple Assembly

The clear lenses clip into place with ease and will stay securely attached to the frames once assembled. The lens curves ergonomically around the frame to give you protection against splashes and drops that come from the side of the eye shield.

Temple Grip

These frames are curved with slight indentations at their tip that create Bollé's tipgrip effect, this allows the frames to stay securely in place without any pressure point ensuring maximum comfort. As these frames don't need to fit around your ear, they can be worn on top of prescription glasses.

Protection Against Liquids

The Bollé NINKA Medical Eye Shield is a protective barrier against liquids such as spit or other fluids that could be exchanged during a close contact interaction in a healthcare setting. These eye shields are exceptional for maintaining hygiene and preventing infection but will not protect against impacts, sparks or open flames and are intended to be single-use only.

Bolle NINKA Disposable Glasses in Use

Upper Brow Protection

The Bollé NINKA Disposable Frames have upper brow protection, extending deeper than a regular frame to meet your forehead and prevent any liquid from passing down to your eyes from above. These eye shields will prevent any droplets or splashes spreading infections and entering your eyes during close encounters with a patient.

Clarity of Vision

Thanks to an easy-peel plastic film on both sides of the lens, these lenses will keep their clarity until the moment of use. Any fingerprints or dirt that they have picked up before being worn will simply be removed with the film so your eyes can be protected while your vision remains completely unobstructed. 

Technical Specifications

  • Lens Marking: CE
  • Frames Marking: CE
  • Weight: 14g (approx. 0.03lbs)
  • Lens Colour: Clear
  • Frame Colour: Black
  • Lens Material: Polyester
  • Frame Material: Polypropylene
  • Lens Dimensions: 68 x 233mm
  • Frame Dimensions: 166 x 152mm


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