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BenePlas Choice Thermoplastic Sheets

BenePlas Choice Thermoplastic Sheets
BenePlas Choice Thermoplastic SheetsBenePlas Choice Thermoplastic SheetsBenePlas Choice Thermoplastic Sheets
  • Thermoplastic splinting material with stretch resistance
  • Ensures support for injury rehabilitation
  • Eliminates the need for reinforcement
  • Resists fingerprints and marks on the material
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Brand:  BeneCare

BenePlas Choice Thermoplastic Sheets

The BenePlas Choice Thermoplastic Sheets are designed to support different areas of the body during injury recovery, acting as a cast or splint that can treat foot drop, fractures, sprains, breaks, aches and pains. The material can be cut, stretched and morphed around a patient's body, while the choice in perforated material is ideal for someone who requires more ventilation.

What Are the BenePlas Choice Sheets For?

BenePlas Thermoplastic Sheets are versatile sheets that can act as a splint or cast. They are large enough to be suitable for immobilisation, and can be cut for smaller splints for smaller parts of the body. Suitable uses include:

  • Ankle or foot splints
  • Medium and large splints
  • Fracture bracing
  • Knee splints for immobilisation
  • Ankle stirrup splints
  • Foot drop splints
  • Body jackets
  • Elbow, forearm and shoulder splints
  • Spasticity splints
  • Neurological injury splints

Which Thickness Should I Use?

The BenePlas Choice Sheets are supplied in two different thicknesses which are 2.4mm and 3.2mm. You shouldn't rush into a decision however, because the difference in thickness required is determined by the type of injury that you are treating. Smaller, intricate injuries such as those found on the ankle require a thinner material, while bigger injuries that need immobilisation such as those found on the knee require a thicker material instead.

How Do the BenePlas Choice Sheets Work?

When warm, the BenePlas Sheets can become sticky and bendable, enabling you to shape and morph them around a patient's injury to ensure stabilisation and support. Once they have returned to their normal shape, the sheets will achieve maximum rigidity and hold its shape even with strong dynamic components pulling in other directions.

Should I Use Perforated or Non-Perforated Material?

Before purchase, you will have the choice of buying the Thermoplastic Sheets 1% perforated or non-perforated. Perforated sheets have small holes dotted into the material, which enables ventilation and air to reach the skin and prevent overheating. This can enhance patient comfort, and is suitable for when the skin is irritable and needs ventilation.

Can I Cut the BenePlas Choice Sheets?

Should you want to cut the BenePlas Sheets to make them a shape suitable for your patient, then you can do as long as they are warm. When they are warm the material becomes bendy and malleable, meaning that you can shape, cut and bend them into whatever shape you like. 

Which Sizes are Available?

When you purchase your sheets you will get a choice of thickness, dimensions and type. Firstly, you can choose if you would like your material perforated or non-perforated. Secondly, you can choose between the sizes as follows (WxHxD):

  • 460 x 610 x 2.4mm
  • 460 x 610 x 3.2mm
  • 920 x 610 x 3.2mm

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